Riders vs Stamps

What is more important for Riders- win and have a chance for first, or rest the injured guys and get ready for the playoffs?

Win!!! Always win.
In no way will they be resting anyone this week. If calgary wins one of the next two games then maybe we rest some people against Edmonton, but no way do we rest anyone that doesn’t absolutely need it this week.


Full out...partial games for starters the following (like 2nd preseason) the next IF Stamps have 1st locked up. Riders (even if they win against the Stamps) will know before they play, but not before the 46 is set.

Both teams will go after a win. It is too early to rest starters. Stamps cannot afford to lose this game and then put themsleves in a must win in BC. They will try to take care of business Saturday…then they can rest starters? But they would also enjoy the bye week and you don’t want to rest guys for 2-3 weeks.

Stamps win they have the luxury of 2-3 weeks to manage injuries.

The same applies to Riders. Win on Saturday and you live another day to claim 1st place overall. If they lose they can approach the Esks game differnetly, rest some knicked up players and so on.

This weeks game will be nasty I think. This is round one of a scrap. I think both teams have learned to respect each. It is easier to respect an opponent after a win than a loss.

This game will be full speed. Which D-line can do their RB the big favour of shutting them down. Both D’s want to make the offense win an arial battle…they won;t lose the game on the ground. Running yards will be sparse and tough.

I expect a really good game. hard fought, lots of good hard contact. The last demoninator is the kicking game and I think it comes down to Milo vs. Paredes!

It is interesting...
Calgary is the 2nd most effective (accurate) passing team in the CFL, The Riders D is #1 for against in that stat
The Riders sit 5th on O for passing effectiveness (mainly dipped from 'the skid'), Stamps D is #2 in the stat

Calgary is #1 in rush attempts and yards, Riders #2
Rider's rush D is #2, Stamps #5
This, I believe, will be the key difference maker

Stamps are 1st with sacks at 54, Riders 2nd at 51 (but now have Hall)
Stamps #1 in sacks allowed, Riders #2

Riders #1 in points allowed, Stamps #2
Stamps #1 in points scored, Riders #2

Stamps are #1 in giveaway/takeaway, Riders #3

these teams square up so nicely...should be a heck of a game with so much on the line!

The media hype is getting big for this game! Lots of story lines within the story!

If either team is not super jacked for this one, they might as well be dead!
I can't wait to watch this one. It is going to be a battle.

Go Riders!!!!

This is going to be a barn burner I think! Both have a lot on the line, and I believe the Riders can beat them. I said to many early in the season, the only team that would give us a run was Calgary. I still believe that, both are great teams. I do hope Sheets beats John the mooner Cornish in rushing this week! Can't wait to watch this one!! I think it will be a close game!!

Go Riders! :rockin:

I think this one has potential to get a bit nasty, especially if one team gets a big lead (I doubt that will happen)Some of the key players on both teams may have targets on them(Sheets, Durant) (Glenn, Cornish) both teams know if one of these key players are out the other team has a big edge. I hope I'm just being a bit cynical but I wouldn't drop dead from shock if some "extra curricular" hits are attempted or taken. This will be an all out war. I hope just not many if any casualties.

If the d-line is disciplined with the gaps and contain, Cornish will not have a big game. However, hopefully this will not diminish the pass rush.

It's damn near impossible to get to Glenn anyway, he releases the ball so quickly. If they stop the run, and get no sacks I will still be happy as I think our secondary can handle their receivers. Should be fun to watch.


go 3/4, shadow Cornish, double 2 guys. I would minimize blitzing for this very reason.

I agree Glenn is very good at reading hots and getting the ball out fast. Having Cornish back there to swing or dump pass to is a bit scary if you go all out blitz. If he gets his nose clear he can be devastating in the open field. I' m not saying abandon the blitz completely as you do want to throw a curve ball now and then, but I think delayed blitzes or run blitzes may be more effective. take away the cheesy 5 yarders that end up going for 15 and make Glenn go deep more then he wants. The secondary for the most part has been very good and there may be opportunities for a few picks. Speaking of pick plays the Riders D will have to be very aware of them as Calgary loves to use them especially from the bunch formation.
Stopping the run is paramount. If they hold Cornish to very few yards in the first half and the start of the 3rd he will blow his cool and it does effect his game. Not an easy thing to do but they have done it before. Make him pay for getting the ball with two and three guys smacking him at the same time. Take shots at punching the ball out if you miss and hit his bicep or forearm that can be effective too as it tires the arm from getting beat on all game. It may not be nice but as I said this is war so take no prisoners.
I'm sure the Stamps aren't above trying the same thing with Sheets.

I know it will be a tough task as Calgary is a great team, but the Riders need to get points on the board fast and early... Get the Stampeder fans out of it so the "green" part of the McMahon Stadium gets louder..

And they definitely need to take Cornish out of the game. They did it in the first game of this season In Regina. And they did it last year in Chamblain's guarantee game. Although there were no guarantees for this game, I would think the coaching staff have watched a lot of film to implement a game plan to have similar success. And it's going to be up to Line Backers not to miss tackles...

totally agree...Durant has said the team and more so himself are different when up. He admitted that when they trail (at all) that he takes more chances. You could see this last week when he was making the safe plays and throwing stuff away.

2 turnovers already... Chance at 4 with the 3rd Cornish fumble and near pic by Butler..
We need to start getting some points!

C'mon Offence! Get it rolling!

I am surprised we are ahead at the half, Hats off again to the D, the O is still doing nothing, Durant needs to get the ball away quicker and look for open receivers! Cortez needs to get his head out of his ar..s and start calling a better play book! I also hope the convert attempt does not come back to haunt us!!

TSN says first half goes to Cornish? He is very fortunate Calgary isnt been blown out right now with his 3 fumbles, two of which were turnovers.

TSN will hype it up of running back vs running back....

The Riders need to lose that mentality. Who cares if Cornish "got" the first half. All that matters is the scoreboard at 15 - 10 the good guys!

And all that matters is that good guys have more points at the end of the game too!

Once again the lack of O production has cost us another game!! We will not win a Grey Cup like this!! There is no reason for this kind of lack of O production, The O line sucks, lost count on the sacks!! Cortez's game plan was again useless!

The D and special teams is the only reason it was this close!! Oh Ref sucked again! There where some good calls, but some iffie ones against us! And lack of calls against Calgary. I am so frustrated watching this week after week! How many missed chances. The O just can't finish! :x

We're fans dude. Its are job to talk about this. If you arent a Rider fan you are borderline trolling right now and suggest you leave this forum.