Riders vs Stamps

Who wins?

I don't know...this is a big game for both sides. With the Als losing last night, I am hoping that this will rip any cockiness out of them...I mean, if the Als had lost to the Riders then come back and dominated the Cats it may have really bolstered a few egos too much, and I was worried about that. The story of this game should be whether or not the Either team can get a lick or 2 in on the others QB.

This, IMO, is a coin flip, and could be dominated by either side. This is obviously a HUGE game, and honestly could end up being one of the biggest games for either side of the season. This could make a big separation for the Stamps or make, and the Riders obviously need the win to stay in a realistic hunt of top spot, and maybe even 2nd (heck, even basement if BC gets hot like they did last year)

This game reminds me of Winnipeg and BC last Thursday. No one is sure how these teams will play. It is definitely a crap shoot.

I would love to see nothing but a huge blow out for the Riders, however I have a hunch that it won't be the case. I'd be just fine with the Riders squeaking out a tight game.

Yay to gets... Drop of the game. Like I said... Let's see if dd rolls two games in a row. Brutal

Never, ever should we have lost that game. It was ours for the taking. If we don't have the guys willing to step up and make the plays - get rid of them. If we don't have coaches who can get these guys stoked up enough to play a full football game - get rid of them. We had a chance to claim second spot in the West and we frittered away the chance letting Smiling Hank smirkly laugh at us on the sideline. We got rid of one of the intensity guys on the team in Kornegay - looks like that statement didn't do a lot of good.

I disagree. What was wrong with the D yesterday? What more do you expect from them? They kept the Riders in that game. if you can not put up 26 points in a game, you will not win too many in the CFL.

The Stamps D played very well. They had some interesting formations in the backfield. Neither team looked great on offense, but they did not look bad either...I felt there was just good D. The Riders had a couple drops. Dressler can not do this alone, and Getz is supposed to be the go to guy....well, I would say he averages about 2 drops a game. Sometimes 1, sometimes 3, but around 2 average, maybe slightly under. Lets put it this way...if he was from the US would he be playing?
He has a lot of talent, and looks brilliant at times, but he just drops too many. We REALLY need some receivers off the 9 game!

As far as how the O actually looked play wise, I thought it was a fairly well put together game plan, they just didn't execute on enough plays. There were a few plays that I really really liked...like the pass right before DD ran it in...beautiful.

The calls I did not understand were:

  • the Safety...Eddie had kicked a couple amazing ones prior to that and the D was holding the Stamps pretty well.
  • the time count at end of half. I am fairly sure that was intentional, in efforts to kill more of the clock, then the rest on the punt return...really bad call.
  • All the success last week with rolling. I think most people felt it was a major contributor, and praised that he was running and saying that they finally figured it out...as I posted then...lets see if it continues, because it was hit n miss last season to. Now, DD did have a respectable game...13/21, almost 200 yards, a TD, no mistakes, but the linebackers continually dropped back into coverage because he did not roll or run.