Riders vs Stamps

...everyone in Saskatchewan is obviously TOO:

a) Hammered
b) Hammocking
c) Fishing
d) Asleep
e) Bingoing
f) Afternoon Delighting

....to start the game day thread so, sure, leave it up to the local guy who's heading out the door in five minutes to watch it live, with 36 thousand other bozos who better have brought more raingear than a watermelon for their headmelon...

....Gorilla General says: DISCUSS HERE!!!....

...good day to you all....Go Stamps Go...

e) is funny when you say it fast.

Correct answer in bold, I'd be too but I had to work this afternoon.

I say Red should create all of the Stamps game threads from now on. :smiley:

I'm pulling for a Stamps win tonight. I'd like the West to stay competitive... especially since the East isn't giving us much.

everyone in Saskatchewan

is on their way to the game :smiley:

6 things to choose from. Maybe Riders will have 6 wins tonight.

3 Stamps wins so 3 choices. Everyone is Calgary is.

A Wishing they had as many wins as Riders do.

B Worried about how many turnovers Burris will have.

C Wondering why Mcmahon Stadium is 1/2 green today.

Wow. Armour is pissed! Anyone know what happened? It looked like he did shove him down...

The one cam angle just down tell the story. I guess we will never know.

WOW - the Stamps are lucky the Refs are not very strict here. IF this was the NFL Armours season would be done the way he beaked off leaving the field. It doesn't matter if he agrees or not - when your tossed you leave - Immediately. There should have been another flag flown for his delaying the game. What is going on with the Refs?

I'd like to see a better replay cause from the camera angle, it didn't look intentional. Although he did crank him pretty good and there was no one around.

I don't think the replay we saw was the reason he got ejected, honestly nothing ejectable in that replay. He must have done something after the play, he does have a history of losing his cool.

I agree - not sure it should have been a penalty at all. However with that public show the refs have lost control of the game already. They made the call and need to enforce them - otherwise who can take them seriously

That was a bad call. And I am a Riders fan.

That was a bad pass to. Interception Riders. Thanks Henry.

They should kick out the umpire for being in the way. Bad call.

Oh wow - Armour just called the refs Liars on TV. He is lucky this is the CFL - in the NFL his career would have just come to an end

They should kick out the umpire for being in the way. Bad call.
The Ref was in a locked position - not the Refs job to see whats coming behind him

Cohon will fine Tillman again. His team pushed Armour into ref.

tht was intentional knowone was even near him so knowone could have pushed him...he is the liar

also i love the riders green on green look for professional look!!!

yuppers ...... bad call ..... I'm pretty sure Calgary didnt want Armour talking on TSN right after the incident either ......I'd hate to see a messy situation get worse

Burris INT - mistake #1.