Riders vs. Stamps

I'm a little curious why the flag was picked up myself. I think that definitely could have been ruled a fumble.

Another 7 for Saskatchewan. This is quickly turning into a massacre.

Stupid move by Calgary not challenging.....

Hank the eager beaver is in fine form as usual, how many games like this must us Stamp fans put up with.

Its like having a Porsche with an engine from a Ford Pinto

Refs said Higgy can't challenge it, "those green Maniacs in the stands scare me" thats what the ref stated.

f'n WOW....turn over on a punt....OMG

the stumps are a hopless bunch..unless playing the ticats.


the stamps gave a beating last week, and now are taking one this week.

They need to do something... anything... to stop Saskatchewan. At the rate this game is going, Saskatchewan could easily score in the 50's. That'll crush any team.

39-8 riders. Where is REDWHITE2005 when you need him? I'm having a hard time deciding which facet of the stumps is blowing more today. With REDWHITE2005'S never ending insight into everything that has to do with the stumps, I was hoping his analysis of this game would help me decide.

...under the rules instituted last year (+21 pts or more) CNN is offically declaring this game an A$$SPANKING....

I picked the Riders to win but I never saw this coming!! I can't believe this is Calgary playing!!

The riders O making a statement for all the doubters out there!

Burriss is out...chased from the game, but still dancing on the sidelines..

...we repeat....an A$$SPANKING.....bare one, pants pulled down and everything...

It happens rednwhite, thats Football...been there myself..Stll lots of time left..

...haha...not even if Smith had a stopwatch that stopped time entirely....nope, this one is Sask's all the way.....

Putting Smith in was a good idea, though. He seems to be moving the offence more than Burris, and it's slowing the game down now, killing some of Saskatchewan's momentum.

Edit: And it seems Justin made a liar out of me. :lol:

C'mon this things over. This is also the 1st time I've seen Smith, too rigid and stationary for my liking. He better learn what a quick release means. He reminds me of Rick Worman, almost like a carboard cut-out.

the refs even know this game is OVER, cuz they are not watching whats goin on anymore...why johnson wasnt allowed to run that pick outta the endzone is beyond me...

Good grief what are the refs smoking out in Regina? There have been some strange challenges & non-challenges in this one. Suitor brings up a good question. Is there audio as well during the review to determine that the whistle blew or not?

We need Buck Pierce!!!!!, dam if we could only get him.

No kidding drummer, c-mon stripes get into the game..