Riders vs. Stamps

....discuss NOW....

....very impressed with Sask's first possesion, KJ moved his men very well.......equally impressed witht he stamps answer to that drive...

.....looks like it will be a hard fought game....love it....

Stamps are getting stupid, wake up already, Burris is now due to stink. Stamps will blow this one,

Another frusterating Stampeder effort coming up.

...momentum definately Sasks way right now...

very impressed with the riders...giving kerry lots of protection to make his reads and deliver the ball.

TD RIDERS!!!!!!!!!

...yup, as I suspected our D is not there....bad bad coverage on Dominguez... and just no heart on the latest TD...things must be tightened if the stamps hoep to have any chance in the second half...

stamps cant get ANY momentum...riders are not the lazy bunch they were under barrett.

nolonger must they lose b4 they can win.

Old happy legs Burriss is at it again, can't take the Rider's D line pressure. I hope the Stamps can come back and keep the game with in Three points or I'm out 131 bones...

woohoo! 25-8 after 30! Riders are lookin good!! offense is playing much better this week!

keep it up!

its not raining this week.

and i think that win in montreal gave them ALOT of confidence.

Bummis is making the Riders look good, just as he does to any opponent. He should hang up his cleats and stick to toothpaste commercials. The guy blows!

The only positive in this game will be when Smith comes in late in the 3rd after it becomes a route.

The best thing the Riders did was allow choking Hank to get away.


To be honest, I was expecting more out of Burris this game....he typically plays well in Regina.

Saskatchewan seems to be all over Calgary. Certainly wasn't expecting this. Saskatchewan might be a team to look at down the stretch.

Time for Smith, perhaps? Burris is suc.king, BIG TIME, in this game.

riders are sending a message this game.....they, not the stamps, are gonna challenge for the west title.

KJ makin things happen with his feet....brings it to the 10.

ANOTHER TD, RIDERS....wow....they look SHARP indeed!!!

Thats it Higgy pick up the challenge flag on a obvious fumble and allow the Riders score 7 more,

Someone give me a f***ing razor blade

It's not that bad yet 67, lots of time left...