Riders vs Stamps

Well we will keep you to this statment!

You secondary sure did shut down the gades…The only way you will win is if there is a scheduling mix up and your actually playing the ti-cats. even then it’s a coin toss.

Go Cats Go!

I'd like to point something out, korey. You make the comment (as many of us, including myself, have) that only the Riders can beat the Riders, and our mistakes kill it for us. A common sentiment, with one minor flaw....

It's not quite true. I've noticed that when a team makes mistakes and loses the game, it's because they aren't as good as the other team (generally - obviously there are some dramatic exceptions). In the Toronto game, Toronto showed why they were able to win last year. Despite being down, they didn't quit, and kept pushing hard. The Riders, on the other hand, failed to make the plays - they took penalties, dropped at least one interception, and gave up two late touchdowns. In the end, in my books, that means that Toronto was the better team (as much as I hate that).

I guess what I'm saying is, not making mistakes is part of what constitutes a good team. Great teams don't make errors - especially not enough to give up two touchdowns in the last three minutes! In the first Hamilton game, and the Toronto game, the Riders began to show that they were still not quite as good as they need to be, because they began missing plays, etc. Hopefully their good performance against Hamilton shows that they've begun to correct that.

That being said, I think that Sask will win, and will show that they do have a better team than Calgary. But at the end of the day, I feel that the excuse "you didn't beat us, we beat ourselves" just doesn't cut it. If you beat yourself, it shows that you were not as good as the other team - because they didn't beat themselves!

Nothing personal, of course. On the whole I agree with you. I've just seen this comment many times from many different team's fans, and I finally had to drop my thoughts on the matter.

Good post!

It will be tough for riders to get their running game going against the stamps defence, very good linebackers who can really move, I look for copeland to finally wake up and have a big game, I think the stamps can take this one if burris doesnt f***k it up with untimely turnovers.

I think the Riders should win, but this will likely be a tough one, I think not having Benefield in the lineup with the injury to N Davis as well will be a lot tougher then having Macalla and J. Mitchell out - with Macalla out they essentially resorted to last year's secondary and that Stencil (Sp?) dude they had replacing Jackie last week is looking like he could easily be a starter. They have Fred Perry playing in Benefields place. Another problem the Riders might have is on O-line, big Gene is playing but with some sort of injury to his hand - so their carring an extra O-line man in Tango Macauly who is american so they have to take out american wide reciever Richardson. Cory Grant will be playing wide out in his place, who plays great at times but other times he seems to give up on plays. One good thing to come out of it though is, rookie reciever Nathan Hoffart from the U of S will get in to the line up, I hope they throw at least one pass his way. Of course Calgary will be up for this game, but so will the Riders - I think the Burris thing has the Riders going as well (not so much his leaving as all the press about it which they are quite sick of). As I said I think it will be close, but I hope the Riders crush them. I like watching a close exciting game like last night's winn/montreal game - but its to nerve racking when its my Riders playing.

Burris is a fuc/<ing bitch and we will win, GAURANDAMNTEED, copeland is over rated and the only play on the stamps worth watching is grace other than that stamps blow, and if winnepig keeps it up stamps will finish last

and Scotty Coe! He is exciting ! Too bad he didnt play on a team with a good defence though, like the Esks!!


I've been reading all your posts, and except for Bogart everyone of you have been dead wrong so far. You must be the same bunch that said the Riders would be the last undefeted team this year. 3rd quarter and I'm still wondering where Sask. even is.

That game sure shut them up.

Well, maybe not shut us up, but at least made us a little nervous about our team. Except for those who were overcocky. How can you guarantee a win when you don't even play for the team?

I was cautiously optimistic about our team, now I'm just plain uncertain.

Korey20 Remember this statment sometime it is best to just say your team has a good chance to win in stead of spouting off. Burris Sucks worked well for us![/b]

Predicting the Roughriders is just too damn easy :slight_smile:

the day has come that we the Riders fans no longer hate the Bombers.
It is an all out battle with the Stamps now...We knew hecould do it.... we have seen it...... what was sad was he did it with such ease.... I have to admitt that was a shock ...not Burris either he plays well in the big game...It was just how easy he took advantage of OUR poris defense...
Should make for a good rematch at Taylor Field...I just hope both teams can put their best teams on the field ..we will have to save Matt for the western final. GG Burris, GG Stamps.



hmmmmmmmmmm, I thought the all and mighty rider country was comin to town?

Seems pretty quite for Rider Country!

btw I love rubbing salt in a open wound


"Burris Suxs" lol

Almost had the right score at 50-4, well i believe it was 44-4 at one point… oh the pain!

Thanks for the help Rider Fans! Burris Sucks now is that not Lame after all!

It was so painful your right…hats off to the Stamps… :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
Now there is a race for the cross over once more…who know maybe we can spark the Bombers too by selling Glen SUCKS
t-shirts :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Now I 'm even afraid of Ottawa.

realisticly if we had replied with a touchdown instead of a FG ( French’s first drop) Then maybe we could have somehow stopped one of the next 4 drives… :oops: enough to make it worth while…see it still hurts…
Watch out though KK is going to break it soon…but why they ran up the gut is beyong me Ottawa ran off tackle so well the week before. Dumb calls IMO.