Riders vs Stamps

I'm just interested in what most of the fans think is going to happen in the rider stamps game? Personally, I think the riders will win but, my view may be a little bias as I am a rider fan. What does everyone else think?

I, too, am a Riders fan. However, I don't necessarily think this is going to be a cake-walk for us. I'm thinking towards the win, but I can't help but recall that Burris, although throwing a lot of bad passes in his days with the Riders, seemed to be able to come through for us quite a bit. I think Calgary's going to be ticked because of their record, and Burris is going to be out to prove something. Don't count the Stamps out.

Riders will have to play smart and remember to play the whole game, if they're going to win. I think it will be a tough game because Burris and his team will want to show well against his former teammates, and the Rider defense will be gunning for Henry's backside every chance they get.

I think Riders will win if they can get to Burris enough times that he starts to play rattled. His receivers kind of bailed on him during the Ottawa game I thought - anybody else think so....

This will be the first game where he will be able to throw and have a green jersey catch it consistently.


The game will be a toss up for me. I like the Stamps but can't stand Burris. I want the Stamps to win but I also want Burris to suck. what am I to do?

Well, the Stamps won’t win, but I think your other wish will come true. Call it a hunch.

Ok you heard it here first Kenton Keith will run for almost 200 yards against the porise Stamps run Defense. Josh Ronnick ran over 100 yards in two carries last week and Ottawa does not have the Line SASK does. With Homes Zark, Greene and KK , the Stamps will not be able to figure out who has the ball next. The Riders will be watching the Ottawa films and licking their lips. The Stamps will be thinking the Riders will be doing the passing thing and it will be lights out 50-04 Riders. KK the game and weeks MVP.

I somehow don't think it's going to be quite the blowout that maccraken14's calling for. We didn't exactly blow out Hamilton, and I'd say that Calgary's probably a better team than they are. Also, if Burris and his receivers actually start reading the same playbook, they might complete a pass or two, and if Danny Mac can pick our secondary apart at times, Burris is just as likely to do the same. I do hope we win, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be quite the close game.

Rider defence will man handle Stamps. At least 3 interceptions. Calgary's secondary is pretty good, with Sanchez back there, Riders need to stick to the ground attack of Holmes and Keith, Sczarka and they should be fine.

i think greene should be listed as part of your ground attack. he does more than sczarka

Good Point. Endless fire power on offence for the Riders.

The think I like about Szarka is that he’s more of a truck than a football player. You give him the ball when you’re third and short, and he’s going to bulldoze anyone in his way most of the time. I love it when he does that.

In typical Roughrider fashion, they will probably be thinking about getting measured for their Grey Cup rings about now, and will come to Calgary thinking they just have to show up for the win, and absolutely get steam rollered by the Stamps. If I was a betting man, I think you know who I would be taking.

–Uhhhh, is this an old post from 2003? Sanchez has been with two teams SINCE then. He went back to the Alouettes in 2004, and this year he signed on with the Eskimos. Calgary’s DB’s, with the exception of S Joey Boese and DHB Anthony Malbrough are very, very green. They have potential to be studs(especially Ben Kelly, who hasn’t played since the season opener due to an injury, but he’ll be back for Sask), but it’s very obvious they’re adjusting to the CFL game. This Stamps fan is picking the Riders, unfortunately.

........I'm afraid I'm with you on this one stamper, there are too many unanswered questions on our O, the Sask D will be a very tough opponent to get by.......our D will not be the same D that embarassed themselves on national tv last weekend but they have their work cut out for them against a rider O that's firing on all cylinders........the only intangible here is 'playing with heart'........maybe the stamps will have the edge on the riders in this department seeing that they have more to show up for.........but a rider W is more probable than a stamps W at this point....... :frowning: ...........

I think this will be real good test of character for the Riders. If they really are the real deal they should win. If they don't then they just aren't ready to take that next step.

This will be the first game where Burris will have to face a REAL defence. I think our secondary rivals any in the League, and in most aspects, it is stronger. There were many reasons why Smilin' Hank was our backup, and facing our front four will show most of them.

The ONLY way we will lose is the Rider kafuffel. Only the Riders can beat the Riders. It is OUR mistakes which kill it for us.

.......so korey, just so you can prove you point, I'd like you to go visit the ottawa and toronto forums and tell them their defenses aren't for real........and if you lose, it's because the other team put more points on the board, not because your team shot itself in the head with penalties, points win games, penalties don't become points by some magical method........

Yep that secondary sure shut down Damon in Toronto all right.

Our secondary is alright, but not great. Eddie Davis gets beat lots on the streaks, but cover the middle very nicely, and edwards on safety is pretty much a joke, he goes for the big hits and usually misses them, with gordon there, we will have a rookie safety but i think a better one, and omar morgan has trouble on streaks at times too, he gets beat often.