Riders vs. Stamps should be GREY CUP FINAL


Saskatchewan and CAlgary should be in the Grey Cup because they are clearly the two best teams.
It is sad to say but the Western Semi-Final should be the Grey cup this year.

  • BC is clearly wilting on the vine. I doubt they could beat hamilton at the rate they are playing.

  • Winnipeg is clearly in disarray. They may finish 3rd in the East- there still is time.

  • Toronto could not cope with Calgary nor The Riders offence.

  • Montreal is free-falling faster than Hailey's comet.

  • Edmonton is a has been football team.

  • Hamilton- well, 'nuf said about the unfortunate Ti-Cats. Casey has clearly struck out!!

Write the commissioner and tell him -- make the Grey cup be the Western Final NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders and Stamps Rule
The rest drool!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

Correction - write the commissioner and tell him - MAKE THE GREY CUP = THE WESTERN SEMI-FINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE REST DROOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turkey Turkey please keep my Stamps out of this. There is lots of football to be played yet. Now by the way how is that float doing the Red and white flaot with the Burris bobble head on it?

Yoou know it to be true Red and white - Stamps / Riders = should be grey cup final!!

Turkey yur the only one stating this not me. Like I said there are six teams in the mix and two will meet in the Grey Cup.

Wheres RLR when you need him. lol

B.C. got lucky. They head into the playoffs beating up Edmonton and Hamilton... ohhh!

Not too sure how Calgary and Regina could both be in the Grey Cup but I guess if Cagary crosses over and then both teams win all of their playoff games, then you're right on.

I don't think Calgary can cross over - only a fourth place team can cross over and that would be Edmonton from the west - and they are too far out of it.

Turkey, I have to question your logic - mind you I have read enough of your posts and it seems logic is not part of your Motus Operandi - Wouldn't it seem the best team is the one with the greatest number of wins? - Especially if they are continuing to win and not just living off a record that was established earlier in the season? That team would be the Lions - Sorry to burst your bubble dude. 8)

The Stamps and Riders are playing the best right now but in the long run the Lions are still the team to beat because they are winning football games with their 3rd string qb. Thats just the truth.

I truely belive with hanks quick return that this is the stamps year.

I can see where turkey is coming from tho because right now the stamps and riders just look so damn good.

They play a full sched. for a reason. Im pretty sure the best teams win. Then again with the officiating the way it has been this year, Im prob. wrong, again. LoL.


I think in the west it is too close to call. The Stamps, Lions and Riders are all really good. Some of it will come down to what the Lions do at QB, because they ain't going to the show with JJ.