Riders vs Stamps Game thread

Why do they allow those noise makers in to the games now? Come on CFL it sucks to watch a game with that noise in the background

Tate is for real.... He is a good player!!

Richie Hall has to go. This bend but don't break defense is brutual. Every team just throws short on us. A D has to be good enough to play man or you'll never win.

Yup, another Saskatchewan B will step in to save Cowtown. Why can't they develop their own QBs?

I think a better question is why can't we hold onto good ones? Don't get me wrong, I love DD, but Tate would be a good #2 guy, and would have probably taken over half way through this year and probably wouldn't have done half bad.

Holy Moses Batman, the Riders have finally ended their TD drought!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thup: :rockin: :smiley:

Lets hope they can pull something off! Durnat's foot doesn't seem to be bothering him to too much, he is moving ok right now!

Hmmm, Tate looked a lot like DD on that play. Really wish he was still in Green!

Nice arm tackle...

I have a feeling we might not be seeing Henry Burris in a Stampeder uniform after this season...

Tate is shorter then Dickenson??

Man, Tate is electrifying. He's really fun to watch. I hope he has a long future in the CFL. :slight_smile:

Nice accurate throws, doesn't panic in the pocket, he does look good. 6 of 8 teams have ex Sasky QBs, can't keep them all.

Cal- Buris, Tate
Edm_ KJ
Tor- Jyles Bell
Ham- Glenn

Who am I missing here? Can't remember who all has been on sask at the moment!

No sell out in Cowtown, what's up with that. City of 1M plus, come on!!

Wow, bad penalty! Didn't need to take that! Oh well, down 17-10 going into second half!

Not sure but Nylers article said that it was 6 of 8. Can't be BC or BB, unless it is 3 rd stringers? Same goes for Montreal.

Me too I must say. :rockin:

I love when Cornish does interviews, lol you can almost tell exactly what he is saying just by his eye brows and facial expressions lol.

I'd like to see a second and short pitch play by the Riders!

First pick in the CFL by Tate, took him long enough lol. Glad it happened in this game, no matter how far out the Riders are, I want them to play hard and win, hopefully we capitalize on this!