Riders vs. Stamps: Game Thread.

Wes Cates 15 yard Run. Kerry Joseph 9 yard run.

3-0 Riders are up with the BAll.

Fantuz Catch. 10 yards. Lookin' decent.
Over throw. Redzone. 2nd down.

2 and out Calgary. And the commentating pops out of nowhere.

yeah, finally..

Nice return by Holmes. And the whole channel goes mute.

I thought he was gone on that one

Dang that darn Reynolds.

What a smashmouth play that hitchpass was.

Does anybody coach these players on the no yards rules. OR do they just prefer to get the pentaly?

I dunno, but its not that bad of a penalty to get… Like, I wouldnt want to give a lot of the guys space…

Take Markus Howell for example

Touchdown Calgary


Big Touchdown. Yeah JMan, Howell example indeed.

80 yard TD punt return.

I was writing that as he broke free lol

Is anybody familiar with the term, "Waggle"

on a side note: Weak penatly by Calgary. Good work.



How many yards was tat DJ catch?

TD Joesph!

The purolater game tracker says that Calgary is up 13 - 12!
In honour of them being wrong I will eat a mini donut.