Riders VS Stamps: Game thread. MOVED!

Two possesions no points.

And A really annoying song playing in the background as the commentators say nothing.

oh wait. Riders scored a field goal!!!!


No Commentators?

I will just keep talkin to myself. . .

Akili Smith Sacked.

Put it in the CFL forum and ppl will talk man

IT is too late.
The Riders go two and out.

Congrats to the Riders for an easy win and lock on 2nd place in the west. Time to turn this Turkey off and go rake some leafs.

Half time analysis:

Riders definitely in control. One mistake on special teams, otherwise, definitely masters of the house this week so far. Other obvious concern would be that we aren't finishing drives. However, with Luca at 5 for 5, that's gonna help his percentage big time. Poor Mahoney - guy has punted more in this game than a regular punter does in practice ... and it's only half time. Calgary's D is going to wear out, Creehan or no Creehan, if the Calgary offence doesn't .

However, Stampeder67, because Sask has settled for field goals all afternoon, the door is open. Not sure about giving up there. If Sask has converted even a couple of those field goals into touchdowns, then I would say it's really over. But the point spread is not insurmountable. I think the deciding factor will actually be Sask, not Calgary - if Sask goes into the locker room thinking they already won, they just might lose.

My take on it ...

Congrats again to the Riders although Sankey suprised even me and made it interesting.

At least it looks like we now have a back up.

Yeah, he did pretty good out there. I didn't see that coming as a reason that the game could turn around. Calgary was in it until the 2nd pick - good effort all around on both sides of the ball by both teams.

The magic number is 4 points for the Riders to clinch second! They can win two or hope Calgary loses two! Hope the clinch is on Rider wins