Riders vs Stamps - Game Balls

Hey Rider fans,
by the end of the game yesterday, there was a lot to like. We saw great performances from an entire team but I'm going to award two game balls. I know this is usually for individuals but I'm going to switch it up a bit.

  1. Coaching staff. This team carried a touchdown deficit into the locker room at half time and JUST got scored on. Remember what it did to Edmonton's mojo last week? Game ball 1 goes to the coaches.....they MADE significant adjustments at the half that kept long drives going, ate up the clock, kept Tate off the field and when Calgary did get the ball, their sense of urgency caused them to make low percentage plays. This was very evident. Great job there.

  2. The offence gets the next game ball and here's why. The one thing this team has lacked for years is their inability to keep their boots on their opponent's throat when they are down AND to also make them PAY when they make mistakes. They did that in spades last night. Calgary's stupid penalties cost them a TD. Good teams make you pay. I loved to see this from the Riders.

Hey, the season is young but we're looking decent and very well coached. Liked the smiles Durant had every time he talked to Cortez even when we were down in the first half.....not getting my hopes up yet but we DO have a big upside.

and I thought that Getz played great :rockin: