Riders vs Stampeders

Do the Riders have a chance if DD isn't playing?

The game is at home and you can bet that Chamblin will be on his team's rear after all of the undisciplined penalties from last week. Must win game for the Riders to keep their home playoff hopes alive.

Yip. I think our green guys left Montreal with a sour taste. Pissed off enough to know they could have won the game............smart enough to realize they kept making bad decisions (penalties), dropped balls, that they should not have won the game.

End result............take care of the mistakes and you win. I think their week will be a focused one and they should be itching to get playing again.

Will be a good game.

They'd have a better chance if he doesn't. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did we really give up the single point during today's game while we were up by THREE POINTS?!


Yes the returner misplayed the ball and let it bounce over his head. It didn't have enough momentum to roll through so he had to down it.

Not a mis play
He was hoping it would go out the back of the endzone. Heads up play...weak bounce.

Great all round performance by the Riders. Still some stuff to polish up but I'm liking our chances against BC next week. That fake punt was not well done and should be improved upon or forgotten. Hopefully our injuries on D aren't too serious because we would definitely like to have our first string D out there to beat the Lions. Good game Riders!!!

3 dropped passes by Smith, 2 for TDs

Is one catch for a TD...granted a pretty good catch...enough? Harris and Carr are competing for his job...He needed a big game, and kinda shot himself in the foot.

I agree. I don't know if you listened to Climie on the panel when he was talking about what makes Calvillo so great - it's his receivers. I'm still disappointed we weren't able to hang on to Carey Koch. Taj has had his chance time to give the other guys in the stable a chance to prove themselves and make Durant's life a little easier.

I was fairly annoyed with losing Koch too... made sure not to predict anyone would break out this year and jinx them...

From what I heard in the spring, they didn't even make him an offer.

yeah...I was at the game, so I never heard that...Nor have I had the chance to watch closely at the drops...but if you get 2 hands on it you gotta catch it. The one TD pass was on outstretched arms and fingertips, a little low...w/o reviewing it I can probably understand that is a 50/50 catch, but the other was bad, and the not TD area drop was really bad.

I would like to say though…heck of a game by DD. He played top notch, and read the pressure great. He made pretty good passes when the heat was coming and threw a couple away when it was too hot. 0 INT, 2 TD (shoulda been more). what impressed me most was I believe in the second Q when he was picked off…he knew the Stamps jumped and took a shot. Yeah…it worked out to be an INT, but he clearly knew it was a free play.

The team is basically splitting running duties with Sanders and Sheets…This creates some interesting playsets! We have seen this really evolving over the past couple of games. Jock does the screen and cross beautifully and Sheets is pretty good on a curl. Both can take a handoff and catch fairly well. Really keeps the D on their toes! I am hoping this will evolve to where that presnap motion will at times put to RB in the backfield. I believe it is what they are building towards, and would be a lot for any club to handle.

It was also nice to see the D get an INT (well, 2 with the game ending duck). They sure had a good shot at at least 3 others though!

It was great to see Jackson back in action, and with another guy (Sanders) around who can alleviate some of the pressure.

I really like that Sanders/Sheets combo, too. I'm concerned about the injuries on D heading into the BC game. Riders appear to be shaping into the kind of team we would like them to be--successful and a contender. I'm still concerned about their lack of a KILLER INSTINCT to put teams away when they have them down a ways. Hope to see that coming along some more heading toward final third of season and playoffs.

I agree totally. It seems to me that we could put teams away if some of our receivers would make catches.