Riders vs Stampeders

Lets have a good one. I want to see both teams playing their best ball today and may the best team win.

Go Stamps Go!! :cowboy:

They probably should have scheduled the game for 4 pm. I'm tired of waiting. :lol:

The one time they allow extra time between games......they dont need it!

No kidding, and lets hope for a barn burner game. We've already had 1 turkey , no need for seconds.

God I hate the Riders and their obnoxious fans. Go Stamps, i am your number one fan today!

I didn't know you were a Riders fan, Swervy.

Yah, I'm the preverbial wolf in sheep's clothing. All one has to do is live in Calgary where all the unemployed slackers from Regina go to get jobs and turn out in groves to the Stamps games to get drunk, fight, streak and puke on everyone to hate the Riders.

Ask any true Calgarian and they'll tell yah.

Hmm. I just thought maybe you were a closet Riders fan because you mentioned "obnoxious fans." My apologies...

This from the guy who seems to think everyone hates the lions

And kettle…meet pot

Geez, those melon head Rider fans look ridiculous. I hope the Stamp fans step up and drown em out like rats on a sinking ship :cowboy:

Rob Murphy. SwervinMervin. Why would anyone hate the Lions?

Swervin this may not be the last Lions and Riders game. When your Lions lose in the semi finals do this. Watch the final to see who gets to the Grey Cup. Saskatchewan or Calgary or Edmonton.

Good 1st pass by Bishop. Grant fumble after catch. Why do our receivers fumble so much? Palmer seems to fumble every game.

Isn't that the way it always works. :lol: Finally getting under way. Go Stamps.

What a grab by Dressler!

While the refs take another look at this play, the Stamps should head to the lockerroom and change uniforms. The uni they're wearing now is pretty bad... :?

Honestly already? Gimmie a break dude, go back under your bridge you friggin troll!

But you are cheering for the team with the bad uniforms. A Eskimos fan cheering for Calgary?

Argh Bishop, damn it!

Same thing he did against BC. Team goes down the field with the ball. Chance to score on 1st series. He throws the ball right to the safety. Bishop needs to learn this. The CFL has 12 men on defence. Look for the safety.

TD Calgary. Looks like Riders were playing with 11 men. Rambo wide open. No Rider near him.

Nice TD pass to Rambo.