Hope the Stamps have their running game geared up!!


Go Stamps, put this one to bed in the first half....I have to bake some cookies and don't have time to watch it all.

You having a bake sale tomorrow? :smiley:

Save a bakers dozen for me :lol:

Here is hoping this game is a little more entertaining than that Montreal practise in the Eastern final.

I kind of like the red and black unis the Stamps are wearing. They should wear them more often. :thup:

Bring on the SNOW!!!!!!

Burris crying already ... :slight_smile:

2nd down conversions are working for the Stamps, eh?

Why did the Riders decline the penalty? Do they really think they can stop the Stamps in 2nd and long?

Okay, so this is what a football game looks like...
I wasn't sure after the last 3 hours.

Riders will need to get some points here.

Darian Durant is back!
Missed you last week, bud :wink:

That's not gonna happen, cfl. :lol:

ah, it's just 1.

I wouldn't get too upset yet.

The Stamps will need to capitalize now!!

GO STAMPS!!!!1!oneeleven!1!!

That was a huge fargin hole Darian missed. :o

Oh dear... we're not going to see a repeat of the East Final, are we? That was shoddy, shoddy tackling.

Go Stamps, right to the endzone!!!