Riders vs Ottawa

Riders by 4 - but then a Saskatchewan blow-out would be nice.

33 yard FG by McCallum opens up the scoring.

Ottawa answers with a FG, tied at 3 each

Two good TD’s back and forth, we got a shootout tonight.

Awesome game one of the top 5 of the year.
Hank was on fire nearly 500 yards passing.

Yes !!!! Great win by the RB's.
2 on the road.

Hank looks like a young guy out there.

Just one thing I might point out. I know I will get ripped for this , but I will suggest it anyway.

The game winning FG.

That was a risk on an angle as it could have hit the post.

With only 6 seconds left, would it not be wise to just drill it wide and out for a game winning single ?

It is not like there was time for Sask to get a FG.

Entertaining game to be at, and the better team certainly won in the end. It was kind of an odd back and forth affair. Ottawa looked far crisper on O but it looked like they would blow this one as they kept shooting themselves in the foot in the 4th with the untimely fumbles by Burris. The Riders didn't really get anything going offensively in the second half, and for a while there it looked like they might hang on but in the end it's a team with no killer instinct and poor coaching. The timeout they called with clock already stopped and Ottawa on the 5 sealed it. Just a stupid time out. There was a good chance we would have saw overtime if not for that stupid decision.

That time out was not called by Dyce but rather a player on the field. Not only can't they play defence but the players are to clueless that they can't figure out the the timeout was to be called imediately following the play it was called at. Some major personell nedded on D for next year. Once again Glenn has them in position for the win with under 2 minutes left and once again the D is just helpless to stop 80 yard drives that result in last play losses.

Brackenridge. It is clear on the replay. He is having a miserable season in every way imaginable.

Not that it would have been a game changer, but just need clarification on a call yesterday.

Riders get a Contact on Receiver penalty, which there was, but one problem. Burris fumbles the snap and is chasing the ball while its on the ground and is tackled as he falls on the ball. At no time is he in anyway in position to make a play with the ball whether running it, or passing.

Would this not be a time, that you pick up the flag and say no call?

You would think. But........................ It's been that way in pretty much every game this year. Offseason needs a major retooling in referee instructions, ie. if it doesn't affect the play, keep the damn thing in your pocket before you run even the most loyal of fans away. The amount of "interested" fans who were casually looking on this year became "never again, and certainly never paying" fans IMO. And by the way, I'm not putting this on the refs, as they are seeing it and calling it. Good on them for recognizing it. It's the league instructions that need reviewing, and give the refs the option of leaving it alone if it doesn't directly affect the play. Also, if these damn players could figure out how to play by the rules it would add to the professionalism of the league and make the reffing a mute point.