Riders vs Montreal

If ever we have to play a "perfect" game, this weekend vs the Als is that game. If our O doesn't get on track, the D is going to get massacred.

I have a feeling this is going to be a blowout. No idea for whom though.

I don't have a good feeling for this one.. if you thought the game against Calgary was bad, this could be worse.. I bet the Als circled this one on the calender after week one...

Als fan here. I think your Riders will win a close game and bring the Molson Stadium streak to an end. We have struggled all season in pass coverage and are still plagued by an inconsistent pass rush that lets the QB stand in the pocket and get a clear throwing lane to the open receiver. We got away with it against Toronto because Lemon is new to the league and Toronto basically has scrubs for receivers outside of Copeland. Against Durant, Cates, Dressler, Fantuz, & co., I fear we'll be exposed again.

I wouldn't be surprised if either team wins, but just like we had your number in 2009, I think you guys have our number in 2010.

I'm not sure I'll ever get used to teams being as afraid of us as we are of them.....

I am also a Al's fan and I agree 100% with discipline. Sask is one of the teams in this league I fear the most, and think there far from there full potential. Let's just hope Durant isn't on his game, and Dressler (i think it was last game in Montreal) torched us for 150+ yards. But hey it's friday night game, no work the next day. BRING ON THE BEERS! And hope were in for a great game! It better not rain!!!!! :rockin:


I have a feeling the Al's are going to take this one. The Riders defense has looked substandard in every game except the BC game and against a team like Montreal with their group of receivers I don't think we'll get any lucky bounces off the receivers for interceptions like Hamilton gave us.

If the defense can come to play in this game I think it'll be a tight game. At least we get the games against the Al's away early in the season, both teams haven't had easy schedules thus far.


As my dad and I were driving to through Alberta listening to the sports shows on the radio last Friday (so right before we played them) we both commented on how it feels really weird having all of the other teams saying how we are the ones to beat. Not one of the four announcers (960 and 770) gave Calgary much of a chance. Kind a felt good, but ominous at the same time. Then we got killed so that sucked.

For this game we are going to have to capitalize on every opportunity to score TD's. We will have a hard time winning kicking 7 Fg's.

Interesting that the Rider fans who've posted, say Als win, while the Als fans say Riders win...quite humourous, yet a reminder that both teams can win when they are on their game, and get spanked when they are off. I hope that the game has great plays that dictate the game, rather than glaring mistakes that sink someone's ship.

I think Montreal will beat us by over 10. Our team is good but I am worried about our secondary and inability to put pressure on Glenn this past weekend. I hope I am wrong.

I dunknow, from what I saw of Glenn this past week we weren't getting pressure on him because he was releasing instantly, generally not even within a one count. Now granted we should've pushed him a bit more then we did but I think most of it was just from a really good QB response time. From our last outing against Montreal (and from what I remember) Calvillo didn't release that quickly so we should have more pressure on him. Whether that pressure will be enough for a sack or two is questionable but we will hurry him, I think.

Still, count me in on the "I fear the Als crew". They've had our number for quite a few years. I hope we win and I'll be disappointed if we don't but I won't be surprised.

Should be a high scoring game I think. Riders will have to finish some drives for TDs this time to win, I don't think 7 FGs will beat Montreal. And keep the Mtl O off the field as much as possible.

If we can pick up on the pass rush and get our secondary to play their best game, then the Riders have a good shot this week.

If, however, our D is as weak as they were in week 1, I expect the Als to pound us. Never expect 50+ points on the Als, they rarely let that happen. They'll never let us score that much on them again, especially at home.

i as a rider fan really think the riders will "win" maybe not a blow out,but i think the team will be up for this game on friday.but this is my thoughts on this. :rockin:

I just think that the Riders are struggling to get the big 6 on Offense.

plus our pass rush has still not been up to par!

we're either gonna win it early, or we're going to get blown out and it'll be an embarassment.

we won't lose a close one.

Thanks to our D, the game was closer than it should have been. Our O moved the ball between the 20's, but otherwise shot many blanks.

We didn't win but we sure took it to Calvillo. I was actually speechless when the much-touted Montreal offense broke down time and again allowing our defense to get to Calvillo - that was a win in itself and exposed the potential for other teams to do the same thing.
Sask's biggest problem, IMHO, is what seems to plague so many teams this year - penalties. We cannot afford to give up so many yards time after time and still expect to win. It is simply disheartening to see the guys try so hard and make so many great plays only to have them lost to stupid needless penalties.

I wouldn’t count on a repeat of what happened in the second half of Friday’s game. Sask played great, but my Als also hurt themselves with poor execution and not trying to establish the run. I can’t remember the last time I saw our offense go two and out 5-6 consecutive times. Every offense will have its ups and downs.