Riders vs Montreal

So who is going to win?

Maybe a 20-20 tie!?

ironically Montreal tries to stop the RIders from kicking a Game Tying field goal, they miss.. BUT.. the Als are caught for too many men! :stuck_out_tongue:

the Riders re-kick, tying the game!!! :rockin:

Wouldn't that be something if that scenario did happen?

I would laugh my butt off if this actually happened.

Not going to happen! The Riders are going to hit the field running and not look back. With Darian in charge and a roster of receivers the envy of many CFL teams, we are going to get the job done this time.


So looking forward to the game tonight. Should be a very close one if last year's Grey Cup is any indication. Both teams are very good with some exceptionally talented players. Losing the Grey Cup game the way Saskatchewan did was tough to swallow for Sask fans but then again, Montreal should not have missed what was basically a routine field goal the first time.
Either way, Saskatchewan gets a chance for payback. Good luck you guys!

Cheer hard everyone. Let's start the season off right!!

Go Riders

Even if we whip the Als, they still have the CUP. Not like Stampede Wrestling, vying for the Championship belt each week, LOL. Thanks for the good wishes. See your team in a few weeks!!

Montreal will come out stronger than Sask, regardless of the fact that Sask fans and their organization wants grey cup revenge.

The Als are mortals after all...