Riders vs Montreal

Great performance today by the Riders. A little slow out of the gate and a TD for Calgary on a turnover but the defence was very good today. One big difference in the Riders I noticed today is that they scored two TD's in the 3rd quarter. When did that happen last?? Anyway, not sure what the odds makers are giving to Montreal but I'm guessing if the Riders win, it'll be the biggest upset in Grey Cup history. I hope we win!

Oh - watch Monday Night Football and Chris Berman's fastest 3 minutes at the half. He covered the CFL last week and should butcher a few names again on Monday. At least all of America will see the Riders!!

Pressure is on the Als.

are you kidding me? thats not what I heard in the Montreal forum :roll: I hope the Als think the Riders are a push over they will be in for a shock :slight_smile:

YA I took a look through the "beasts" form they make stamps posters look mellow, our first game was a slaughter the second game probable the best coached loss Ive seen in a long time all the TSN sportscasters talked about how easily that game could have turned out the otherway. I hope the team is thinking the same way as there fans yea there good but but our boys can put together 60min.

Care to provide actual evidence of what you saw in our 'form' (sic)? No sensible Als fan is taking the Riders lightly, I assure you.

Here’s hoping ESPN will interview Darian’s brother Justin, who plays for Jacksonville Jaguars.

Coach Miller of the Green Riders: WOW, go Sask. go, show me more of your Rider pride at McMahon. :smiley:

What no one has mentioned anywhere is that the Riders finally dominated a third quarter and won the game going away. Rather than the usual stinkers put up in the third, they actually controlled it and scored some points. For me, that is the biggest monkey off their back and makes it much more feasible to believe they can take the Als because they will need to play solid for all four quarters to win.

They can’t start slow against the Als, they need to gain momentum early. Calvillo is not going to get rattled like Burris did today and Montreal is not going to be worrying about trash talking, they will be preparing to win. This game is going to be tough but I think the Riders can win.
Go Riders!!

This is a great point about Calvillo, he is unique in that he does shut the 13th man down in his brain, it doesn't have much effect on him as he remains quite composed at the snap. It's part of what makes him the spectacular QB he is.

Montreal is hot!! But we are too!!! Durant has never started a Grey Cup, A.C. is 1W to 5L in Grey Cups.....Calgary has always been Riderville #2, should be like home for Rider's. Blah, blah, blah, All wanking apart it's like our Rider President said last night on 620CKRM when asked about the challenge of playing Montreal....."Nobody over there(Montreal) is really happy that it's us coming to Calgary either".....So there you have it, it's a football game, you have to win it. No matter how good you are, or how good stupid Rod Black says you are on TV over and over because he has no clue because his last announcing project was a figure skating competition, you have to win. Each game is a fresh game, and Montreal lost three fresh games to the three worst teams in the league, BC, Hamilton, and Winnipeg. A.C. has no guarantee.

Who is Kevin Durant LOL!

Montreal didn't lose against Hamilton but against Edmonton. Also, the lost against Winnipeg didn't mean anything for us because we were already certain to finish first. The lost against BC wasn't fair because the referees canceled one of our touchdown. So, the only REAL lost was against Edmonton... Also, don't forget that Saskatchewan lost against Hamilton, BC (2 times), Edmonton (3 times), Calgary and Montrea (2 times)l. So, you also lost against the "three worst teams in the league" and you also lost against the Als... So, these facts don't prove Saskatchewan is going to win neither...

Sorry!! You lost to Edmonton(they spankd you 33-19?)!! My ef-up. You are mistaken as well, we only lost to Edmonton TWICE!!! , we never lost to Calgary we were 2-0-1 man? Your loss to Winnipeg 41-24 regardless of your standing is worthy of cheese man sorry!! Especially when the only player missing was A.C. Eskimo Pie!! Yes all facts are irrelevant and prove nothing…crooooaaaakkk

I personally think this is a huge match-up the AL'S are hot yes but there last 2 games were against TOA should be DOA then the lions inwhich there was no wally shine anywhere to be had sunday and I thought the way hamilton was playing the would be a great match-up but unfortunately the lions who never shoulda been there by there composer came to the big O and laid a couple eggs :oops:
the riders well are last 2 have been tough games against the stamps and truely great games to be at yes because we won but also they were great hard-played ball
none the less when you look at both teams O's both sides have great talent the only real diff is AC has been at it along time in the cfl and is one of the all-time greats but then theres DD he also will be a long time great resident of the cfl elite and because of what he has done I think he has quietted his disbelievers and hope that he can stay in sask as long as AC has been in MO
so it really comes down to our D's and both teams have punishing D's
the 1 edge I feel you guys (ALS) have is your teams
the coaching well both HC'S are very wise and football minded but how do you read them either rarely smile or show any emotion until the entire 60 min is up it is going to be great folks hopefully a real gem for the 97th good football and no bad reffing the 2 best teams are matching up sunday and only 1 can be the winner GO GREEN GO :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: