Riders vs Montreal

riders by 2

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In other news on Tuesday, defensive tackle Jeff Robertshaw and linebacker John Mohring both suffered serious shoulder injuries against Edmonton and will each be sidelined a minimum six weeks. Surgery could be an option in one or both cases.

Guard Scott Flory and linebacker Diamond Ferri both missed practice suffering from the stomach flu. Receiver Jamel Richardson, out with a shoulder injury, had some limited work at practice but complained of some soreness following the session.

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Wes Cates will make his first start at tailback Saturday.

Hugh Charles will also be on the roster. He may see some playing time at tailback and is expected to return kicks.

Johnny Quinn is expected to make his debut against the Alouettes. Quinn takes over from Eric Morris, who injured a knee against the Argos.

There was a Matt Dominguez sighting at Mosaic Stadium. The former Riders’ receiver was working out with a relative AFTER the Riders’ practice. Please note the emphasis on after. Dominguez told reporters he’s had a couple of calls from CFL teams but they were only for practice rosters spots. He also told them that he hadn’t heard from the Riders.

It's gonna be a hell of a game!! I know it's early...but there is only room for one #1!

Except if you're #11.....

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Alouettes linebacker Diamond Ferri missed his second consecutive day of practice Wednesday with the stomach flu, making his status for Saturday's game at Saskatchewan far from certain, according to head coach Marc Trestman.

Should Ferri not make it, he'll be replaced by Ramon Guzman, with Joel Wright and Doug Goldsby serving as backups.

Guard Scott Flory, battling the same stomach virus, returned to practice Wednesday.

Meanwhile, defensive tackle Jeff Robertshaw and linebacker John Mohring, both out with shoulder injuries, have been placed on the nine-game injured list. Neither is eligible to return until Sept. 24.

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Non-import defensive back Konrad Wasiela has been released.

Wide receiver David McKoy was more involved in some of the passing drills, but he's still not in uniform and wasn't part of the main drills. McKoy is still trying to recover from a knee injury which has kept him out of the lineup for all but nine games of his career.

Defensive back Lance Frazier looked healthy during practice. Frazier, who suffered a hip pointer in Saturday's 46-36 victory over the Toronto Argonauts, was doing some extra running after practice to try to get his conditioning up.

There were a number of private planes that flew over Mosaic Stadium during the practice. Could it have been SpyGate II?

Releasing Wasiela says they're happy with Alexander, George, and Lipinski.

Flory never had the flu. I wish some reporters could put two and two together to get four. He's at home visiting with friends and family. League all-stars can take a day off whenever they want, with some exceptions.

So he flew home to Regina, flew back to Montreal to practice Wednesday, and then will fly back out to Regina Friday.

How does this even make sense?

Riders 34 Montreal 24. I do not think this game will be as close as people think.

Wow, you would be the first team to hold Montreal to less than 31 points this year. Last year Montreal put up 33 points in Regina.
For the riders to win they will need at least 34 points but your dreamin if you think the Riders will hold Montreal down to 24 points. This will be a high scoring game.



St. Pierre

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On Thursday, the Alouettes placed fourth-string quarterback Ricky Santos and offensive tackle Dylan Steenbergen, the team's first-round draft choice this year, on the nine-game injured list. Neither player is eligible to return before Sept. 24.

My heart says Riders, but the Montreal offense is too much for the boys in green, lets just hope its a tight game, the Riders may have a chance to pull it off, they have the momentum.

Gary Scherle wrote that the Riders have the best fans in the CFL coast to coast, not counting the other teams out, but the Riders legacy of fans are hall of fame material for the Ultimate Fans title.


They have yet to see a defence like ours

Agree. Our defence is fast and better than Calvillo has played against this year. Taylor Field is loud and that will help the Riders too. Riders can win a close game but Durant can't throw 2 or 3 interceptions.

Fair enough, but I could also say you have yet to see an offense like ours.

After the THAT game in Edmonton last night it was like oohhhhh painfull. Riders beat the spread and win by 8. I really mean; Whats the score gonna be like next week? Can the Esk's win with only scoreing 20 pts? If the Roughriders pick on the left side of the defence, do the Esk's have a chance? All of this..............Mike Kelly, I hope your happy in Winnipeg. Can't say the same for the Eskimo Empire, at least at this point. :oops:

I know. I was directing that more at marvelous. Im anticipating a close game.

Yes sir, the best the CFL has to offer going head-to-head. It's going to be good.
Hope the blue team is watching, maybe they will learn something.

was a good start but with the lack of the Riders offence controling the ball the defence just got to tired, really feel bad for them as they kept the Riders in the game, until they just got to tired, Durant should have been pulled way sooner early in the 3rd, if your QB can’t move the ball after 3 quarters then get him out, Offence line was brutal today. Defence was on there game offence was a no show, play calling was brutal.