Riders vs Montreal

Any predictions?

Too many question marks right now. Injuries to Montreal's receivers ( Jamal Richardson and Eric Delauries ). Possible return of Cates and/or Geno. No word on Frazier, Quinn, or Clermont and the shuffling that could happen regarding their injuries. Next week looks like a home team sweep at first glance, but the games are still a week away.

This game comes down to whose defense can neutralize the other team's offense. The offense that is effective, wins!

If the offence that is effective wins, and if you subscribe that the QB is central to an offence's effectiveness, then I'd take Calvillo at his stage of his career over Durant at his stage...................

Without a doubt, Calvillo has the advantage here. However, if the Rider OL can protect Durant, better than Montreal OL's protecting Calvillo, the Riders can win.

No argument there............and your Riders have one fine D-line, so it'll be a challenge................looking forward to it.

sometimes you can be surprised by the unexpected.

I can imagine that many a media expert "aka Perry Lefko, Sportsnet" will be predicting Montreal to win.

but if the Riders defense continues their impressive play, the Als may likely have a lot of issues!

I have to go with the Als on this one, for Riders to win they will have to play a mistake free football game and ball control. Defence will have to control the passing of the Als and stop Cahoon on the big plays. Don't think they are there yet in their offence or defence to beat the Als yet.

Count me as on the record for the home team. The Riders are going to win against an odds-on-favorite and darn good football team at home. You just can't count out the thirteenth man and they are thirsting right now for a home win and undefeated stretch for their QB.

The Riders win .750% of the time when they sell out Mosaic Stadium. Who's going to the game? LOL! God knows the sellout is on.

This one could go either way, and might come down to a few plays swinging momentum in favor of one team or another. I wouldn't be surprised to see the winning team win by only a TD or less.

My heart says Montreal, because I'm an Als fan, but my head says Riders by 3.

This game will definitely expose our weaknesses and our potential. Unfortunately, I believe that Montreal will preavail.

Ah, ye of little faith. :wink: :lol:

The Riders will win. By how much? Don't know, don't care. I just know that they will win.

Remember that the Riders are the "Rodney Dangerfield" of the CFL...they get no respect! That way, the Riders keep doing well, and the "so called" experts look like a bunch of dweebs.

Let's not write a cheque with our mouths, that our butts can't cash!! Be confident, but don't guarantee a win!! Remember, the games are played on the field NOT in the blogs and forums.

I'm looking forward to this game. It will come down to who makes the least amount of mistakes and who's Offensive line can protect the QB the best.

I predict a field goal in the last minute wins it.

I'm interested in the Frazier injury and how that might play out, with Omar's troubles last game. It would be interesting if they rotated Kornegay back to the secondary and brought in a different linebacker ( like say, the Reaper ).

Not sure about that..........other than the odd mistake here and there (excusable since he's in a new position), I thought Kornegay acquitted himself very well at linebacker................

[url=http://communities.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/blogs/roughriders/archive/2009/07/14/that-rainy-day-feeling-again.aspx]http://communities.canada.com/reginalea ... again.aspx[/url]
* Wes Cates took the bulk of the snaps with the first-team offence. When head coach Ken Miller was asked after practice if Cates -- sidelined with a lingering shoulder injury -- would play Saturday against the visiting Montreal Alouettes, Miller said he and general manager Eric Tillman would have to discuss the situation. It's also unknown at this time if Hugh Charles would stay on the roster when Cates returns or how much Charles would play if he stayed on the roster.

* Defensive back Lance Frazier, who suffered a hip pointer in Saturday’s victory over the Toronto Argonauts, didn’t practise with the first-team defence. Tad Kornegay, who had been playing linebacker, was playing defensive back and Kye Stewart was playing weak-side linebacker.

  • Slotback Jason Clermont was practising. Clermont suffered a bruised back in Toronto.

  • Wide receiver Johnny Quinn, who sprained an ankle before the Roughriders’ season opener, has resumed practising. It’s unknown if he’ll be added to the roster for Saturday’s game.

  • Offensive lineman Gene Makowsky wasn’t in uniform, but he was jogging around the field. Makowsky suffered an injured right knee in the Roughriders’ final pre-season game.

  • Offensive tackle Wayne Smith has the cast off his injured left leg. Smith tore his Achilles tendon during an off-season workout.

Bigger LBs against the run. Kornegay back playing to his strengths. Why not play your DB/LB at DB when you’re short one. Not really a vote of confidence in Chris McKenzie. Stewart outplayed McKenzie by a fair bit in Toronto.

I'm scared to say!!! I'll predict a tie, in honor of the great NFL QB Donovon McNabb who said "i didn't know a game could end in a tie." Riders by 6 points. 3-0 for Riderville laying everyone's "you only beat the 2 worst teams in the league" BS to rest, sole possession of 1st in the league.....