Riders vs Montreal game day

Big game today …,. A chance to put some distance on the eskimos

They let the Al’s hangmin this game and it almost cost them.

Best stats game for zak in a couple of years which is a good sign that he is starting to return to form

Alone in second and a home play off game is within their reach

Another close lucky win, but I will take it, Nice to see our O finally doing something, hope Zac can build on this.

wins are taken, thank you is said…as for luck…somewhat, yes… poor teams seldom win close games…riders have won a few close ones this year…

we should all hope our D stays 100+ percent healthy

Big win. I believe we can clinch second with an 8 point or more win against Edmonton and a Winnipeg loss.

I don't like to hang stuff on officiating, but they kept this one close. It honestly felt like they kept the Als in this one. phantom PI and then a Rider is tugged from behind to half speed and nothing, holding the flag on no yards until he thought Logan was going down but missing the Al with his arms wrapped around a Rider from behind, eye in the sky apparently does exist...wouldn't know but some of the complete crap they are letting stand in several games. Bad calls happen...part of the game...this one was bad start to finish.

I agree, win’s a win.
Gotta say I also agree that ZC is definitely showing some fire.
He’s gonna look good in the playoffs…in REGINA!