Riders vs Lions

So what are the predictions for the first game in two years? Rider OLine is a concern with all the changes. Hopefully the crowd helps sway the game.

I guess that the big question is will Reilly play?

I am thinking it will be a rider rout

Hard to say. We haven't seen football in nearly two years.

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You could be right, if the Lions haven't fixed their O-line problems the game could look like the Bombers/Ticats from last night. Reilly running around and a lot of sacks.

riders favored

by 7. i think they win by less than that.

I’m thinking the OLine for the Riders will be under a lot of pressure as they are so young if a group. Really little time to gel with injuries and loss of veterans.

I see a lot of running for both QBs. So looking forward to seeing CFL games again. I watched the hated bombers game last night. They still suck.

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Either way, time to go out there and kick 'em in the Regina. :wink:

All I will say, we are damn lucky we won, did we play flat in the 2nd half. Need alot of work. By the way Cody was quick releasing, I suspect we have a front line problem. Lets see what the next game holds.

I think the difference between the first 25 minutes and the last 35 was pretty much all BC. I don't think Sask really played that much worse in the second half, I think BC just sucked it up and played that much better.

The scary thing is that if Reilly were anywhere near healthy he woulda put 50 on that secondary. The secondary supposed to be a strength of the Riders. How did they let all of those fugly floater wobblers get completed? Answer: they were THAT wide open! Not good. Love Nick Marshall but he had a rough game, not only on the bomb TD but he missed a tackle that cost a big first down, a couple other things. I think he knows it. I still believe in this defense but they gotta be better than that.

Also, Yamasaki left 5 pts on the field. Lions lost by 4. :grimacing:

Yes thank goodness for those European players on this game.

I'm not sold on our linebackers. Some of those wobblers would've been picks if it were Moncrief out there. Micah Teitz... solid depth player but think they need to be shopping for an upgrade there.

Yes Nick Marshall had a rough game. The Blace Brown experiment should've ended yesterday. I'd be offering LJ McCray the farm to come back here.

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Meh, tale of 2 halves for sure. I’ll just chalk it up to the Riders losing focus once they got up by a lot. It happens, and sometimes it’s hard to get the groove back. Take the win, and focus on improving.I liked the diversity in our offensive plays/calling. Conditioning seems an area for improvement….Many looked gassed halfway thru 2nd quarter.

And the Riders took a knee to end the game well inside of field goal range. You can always say what if this or what if that. In the end none of that matters. If Yamasaki scored more maybe the Lions win, on the other side what if Evans had caught a couple of those passes that he was wide open on and so on.


Agree. It's like GC 2009. The Riders didn't lose because they had 13 men on the field. The Alouettes won because they were good enough to keep only 12.

The Riders didn't miss 2 FGs and a convert. Lauther was perfect. Garry Peters dropped a sure pick. Nick Marshall made circus catch for a pick. The Riders didn't spot the Lions 31 pts. If the Riders had dominated the play like they did and came away with 4 FGs then we would be talking about blown chances, but instead the took FULL advantage of those first 4 possesions. They definitely did some things right.

It was far from a perfect performance but a perfect performance pretty much never happens. Considering the ridiculous layoff and lack of preseason, no one should be expecting anything near perfection. Bottom line is, the Riders made a couple more plays and gutted one out. They got the job done.


Yes that's sports. At the end of the day the Lions get no participation or "good try" point in the win/loss column.

I'm fairly certain prior to that last punt the Riders hammer a field goal or at the very least kick for a Rouge even if BC hits those FGs and extra points

Well riders won end of story, all the rest don’t matter, it’s their exhibition game win.

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Another nail biter, riders come out on top in special team blunder, and seize on opportunity.