Riders vs Lions

Here we go. Riders chances against the Lions.Personally I'm almost afraid to make a prediction but since I opened the door I guess I should. IF the Riders can come out like like they did last week and jump on the Lions early(take advantage of all opportunities instead of the odd one) then I think they win and big. If they come out half asleep though then that could give the Lions the momentum they need. The Lions will be looking to do the same thing to us especially at home to get what little crowd there into it.

Keys for offense; Do what they did in the last game but only better, what I mean is not dropping the ball. 3 td's off the board last week simply because of dropped balls. This will be the benchmark on if this team can be a winner. Teams that get opportunities and slam dunk them are the teams that 90% of the time wins.

Keys on defense; Stop Harris first and then get heat on the rookie. Simple enough right? Seriously though if they stop Harris and take him out of the picture which can be done by nailing him hard and often then that will put all the pressure on the young qb to pass. Keep containment on him and pop him hard if he pulls the ball down. Get into his kitchen and break some dishes. Rattle his chain a bit. Nothing dirty just good clean hard hits. It will make him get happy feet and looking for the hit instead of the receiver.
An effort like last week from both sides of the ball should get us a win, but if they clean up a few things it should almost guarantee a win

I’d like to say the Riders should win this…but they should have won both of the previous contests against them lol

0-3 against the Lions of 2015 would be bad.

run run run run run run run…do not abandon it
keep macho away from being the guy who has to tackle runs up the middle or cover a lot of crossing routes
ffs…make adjustments to the flats on D if you need to

Yeah as good or whatever you want to call it Macho was not in good position on more then a few crossers and if he hadn't had 3 picks I would have been tempted to bench him for this game. Definitely need to tighten up the soft over the middle coverage. Good teams will blow it up easily.

the first one he was burnt bad on and it was tipped into him. He played very well after that though. You never know when 1 play might bring a guy out of his shell, so here is to hoping

Changes to 46-man roster from last week
ON: 50 Doughty*, 64 Adcock*, 92 Agbaje
OFF: 10 Miller*, 47 Rea, 95 Connop,

Awesome to see Doughty back on the 46…wasn’t sure if we would
Adcock is back, but I question if he makes the 44
Rea to the PR is odd.
Glad to see someone else beyond Conop getting a look…this needs to be done.

I just haven’t seen anything from Connop that would keep him playing. In fact I’m a bit surprised he hasn’t been cut. He is the weak link by far of any of the other linemen so not a bit unhappy he is off the 46.

he is a first year guy…he needs development time. Still…Tenent is better.

And all the more reason if he wasn't lighting the world on fire then why was he playing so much with Chamblin in charge? Sure its all good and fine to say he needed to get his feet wet but this kid was in the deep end and drowning and every team knew it and exploited it.

Its one thing to let him get in a game or two and its another to keep playing him and watch teams blow by him with the run game time and time again. That is just poor coaching.

he was playing because Tenent was hurt...that is the only reason...well, that and the fact that everyone but chamblin said start a Canadian safety instead. None the less he decided to go Canadian at DT and Conop played because he was the best Canadian option they had available at the time...nothing more nothing less. I don't know if he will devlop or not...but he is the only Canadian DLman who has stayed healthy this year...that is something in itself. Health aside, he is probably at 4-5 down on the list of 5 they have...here and now anyways.

For me I want to see what Doughty does in a chamlinless D with better guys on the line in front of him...though I am guessing he and Adcock sit

2 drives in...looks like Glenn is sabotaging his trade value lol. That was the worst throw I have seen him make all season

Brutal quarter on both sides of the ball. Missed tackles for losses, blown coverages, and no run game. turnovers by Glenn is certainly not the way we needed to start.

Th Oline is Fu@@ing doing nothing!! No run blocking, no pass protection. Wake the hell up you morons.

keep the running game going...the OL will get better and better

Eagle eye

great challenge

What the F##k is wrong with Glenn? Is he that F##king blind? GOD@@it!!! Get your head out of your azz Glenn.

our defensive back field is getting picked apart. Playing so far off receivers.

…or the receivers are running the wrong route. Looks like he throws inside, receiver goes outside or he throws outside the receiver goes inside.

What a joke. Just F***ing brutal defense

Fricking "superstar" Macho looking the wrong way looked like an idiot :x

yeah…back to normal form

Brett Smith second half?