riders vs lions

Reports out of BC say that the Lions are going to honour Geroy before the game.. This is a very clever move by the Lions as tickets sales are pushing 40,000 +

With the short week, I do hope the Riders have practiced crowd noise! The Riders are going to have to jump out to a fast start to gain momentum and take the crowd out of it.

This will be a test to see if the Rider offence can turn their struggles around!

Well, sure, it would be great if they went in and destroyed BC, but why even set it as a goal when facing a team with a winning record on the road in a stadium that tends to be a graveyard for opposing teams? If they win but don't destroy the Lions, will you be unhappy? :wink:

You're not playing the Bombers at home, man, you're playing a very good team in their own ballpark where they rarely lose. A win, in and of itself, would be absolutely sweet...

I am seeing both Sheets and Kromah on tonite's active roster . Thats great news !... however I hope it is not too soon for Kory

great news if keomah is ready to return to his rookie form before injury along with Rod Williams a defense gets better an deeper.
As for Sheets is there any word on whether Sanders will dress as well to help with a package of plays for him as well

I believe the Riders can win any given day, I believe we have had our chances to win in each of the games we have played this year.

Tonight I would love to see a win, but even more than that I would love to see a solid game by our offense! I will be happy tonight with the Rider as long as their offense consistently moves the ball down the field and actually puts up some points. Win or Lose I would like the Riders to play a good game offensively!

9 canadians in the starting lineup according to the depth Chart and that does not include 4 O lineman with Tyler ahead of Neufeld o 21 imports on the 46 two back up DBs in Thomas and Miller so at least one of them will not dress and Jackson is penciled in as startin CB as well as returner hpefully that gets hybrid weapon Sanders dressing getting that offence some creative options as well as another Half back.
Hillee Taylor is on the 9 game which will jurt the DE rotation but some fresh young Canadians stienhuer as a DE and Evans as a DT should be entering games fresh with high motors. Maybe some 3-4 looks turnign Butler, Ferri, Kromah loose on th blitz. Really a lot of talent on defense and that is with special teams star Hurl and rock solid Weldon Brown SAM on the one game IR.

3 of BCs last four home games were against eastern teams which tends to be a black hole for the east with the travel

I just have a feeling the Riders are going to win. I’m predicting 32-20, but it will be close until the last four minutes of the game.

Must win for the Riders, and they will.

4 min into the second...I am liking everything they are doing...
the big play thus far IMO...that return to bid field by Sanders, followed closely by that amazing run by Sheets.

Love love love that they are using the middle of the field! Not connecting on them all, but it is keeping the LBs a little more honest...you can see then backing off pressure already.

Penalties thus far not an issue, Ferri is playing great and level headed thus far.

reffing has been spot on thus far...with 40sec left in the 1st, would have liked to see no yards on BC when they punted, but if that is my biggest complaint thus far, I am happy.

I question Chamblin's challenge decision on that play that early, but it was IMO more showing his support to the D.

Karma ..... After the garbage pi call on the rider we finally get a break :cowboy:

Much better game calling...I thought the lack of practice and opportunity to over think things would help...concentrating on what works, not tweaking that which doesn't.

BC definitely backed off on pressure mid - late first. It will be interesting to see how the Riders respond to teams that blitz more. With the over the middle stuff, I believe that will help.

The over the middle passes were great. You could see that Durant was releasing late on a lot of it, but they really have not used it this season, so seeing the success of it is what is importance...that will all improve in time if they stick with it more.

Concern...even when winning DD was getting upset with some of the play calls. TSN did a god job of illustrating him shaking off a play, but you could see this at other times. Earlier, he shook one off, looked displeased with the call after, and just ran it. That play was a seems route. He seems to be getting upset with some of the deep ball calls...this can be seen pretty well over the last few weeks. I get you need to stretch the D...2nd and 6 from the 30 or whatever may not have been the right place...the series where the Riders turned over on downs...another play call that seemed to frustrate Durant. Either way, it is great to see that he and Cortez are developing a relationship where DD feels he can say no to a play if he is really not feeling it.

I know it will come...the last FG...people, especially in the main forum, are going to trash that call a bit...I was definately getting irritated hearing it on TSN...there was 30 seconds left, so what were they to do from the 25? Take a knee and submit the turnover, punt it, or kick the FG? FG seems the logical conclusion, plus Milo has had a superb season, but a few rough games...good no pressure situation to help alleviate that.

Biggest thing, and TSN said it best...Chamblin was playing to win, not trying not to lose. Loved it.

By no means does this mean everything is fixed, but it is a huge monkey off the back and a good way to head home.

oh...and the penalties were down...HURRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH
and of course...finally back in the + side of turnovers.

A much better performance, D played top notch as usual, special teams got it done, Sanders returned great, Dressler had a good game, but with Cory back in, it showed how much he impacts the O. I thought this would spark the O and it did, We are starting to look like team at the start of the season, not there yet, but what a big improvement! low penalties, lack of turn overs, what a game. :smiley: :thup:

I, too, applaud Chamblin for the aggressive approach he took in today’s game. Even the third down gamble which didnt pay off I was glad he made. This team had been lacking the killer instinct, and I’m glad that Chamblin took the points whenever he could. Even with the two point convert. Chamblin sent a message to BC and I’m glad they got a bit of the killer instinct back.

Good solid win. Only turnover the Riders had was the one on downs. They won that battle. Offense again was slow out of the gate(man I really really wish that would change) however they did pick it up a bit in the second and looked fairly good in the 3rd and 4th.
A little concerned about Sheets having gone twice with cramping(hope that's all it is) it certainly did make a difference with him in though. Defense was very solid again and a big turning point was the pick in the end zone by Anderson. D line got good pressure most of the game and some good sacks and hurries. DeMarco seemed to get a little flustered at times with the pressure, which is what you need on a young quarterback.
Very happy with the win and getting some team confidence back. Next game against Edmonton at home and with Rielly out they should hammer the Eskimos. Lions should get creamed by the Stamps so could have sole possession of 2nd by end of next week. With the Lions back in Mosaic the week after and Riders probably two wins and Lions two losses, It could really build momentum again heading down the home stretch.
Enjoy the weekend and get ready for the next one.

Much improved but a long ways to go if we are to beat Calgary in the playoffs. Let's hope this sparks the team to continue to work hard and improve.

Some growing short yardage issues to deal with for sure though. They have struggled in the red zone a lot this season, gut stuffed on a critical down on the 1 last week, and their gap was straight up pointed at presnap on that gamble this week.

Scoring a decisive win over the Lions at BC Place and snapping their unbeaten streak at home = great for the Riders!

I loved the ballsiness of going for 2 points in the second quarter of a game you were leading! That's the old Don Matthews swagger right there.

It was definitely weird to see Taylor sniff out the run gap on that third-down gamble pre-snap. Cortez needs to change up the short-yardage game. But all in all, it's hard to find fault with the offense, especially now that Sheets is back and looking to become as dominant as he was pre-injury.

The defense did the job as well. Everyone wanting to see the D get after Demarco and they did with 5 official sacks and plenty of pressure all game. Overlooked possibly but very impressive was that the sacks all came from 4 different down lineman.
Going to Calgary next week and them to Regina the following things will not get any easier for BC minus Lulay with Demarco and Pierce being the other QB options.

What a huge win.

I am very surprised that the Lions barely blitzed at all. Much less than they did 2 weeks ago. I know that good teams don't worry so much about the opposition rather to just do what they do well themselves, but I can't help but wonder if Stubler may have really missed the boat on his gameplan.

However, I am encouraged by the Riders reaction to the few blitzes that occurred. 3rd quarter near BC's 30-35 yd line, Lions send 6 and Dressler grabs the quick slant over the middle for the first down. That's what they need to do.

Another thing that I liked was a lot less TEs and double TEs. They spread out the formation and attacked the width of the field which gave them a lot more room to run between the tackles. If you're not going to run behind your TEs (or throw to them) then what's the point? All those TE sets the past month were starting to remind me of Jon Huard. Seriously.

Defense was excellent again. Even Butler had a strong game. Lots of pressure up front and strong coverage at the back. but this is nothing new. D has been getting it done for a long time.

DeMarco giftwrapped that first pick in the endzone. At first I thought his arm was bumped as he threw, but on replay it looked like perhaps the worst pass thrown in the entire league all year.

The Butler pick was nice play by Butler, but behind him Dwight was absolutely tackling the receiver. He was riding his back like a piggy back race. Totally got away with interference there. On the whole I thought that all those PI calls were weird. I didn't like any of them. I suppose LaRose did have a handful of Dressler's jersey (and officials look for that) but it didn't seem to me like it affected Dressler at all. The one on T-Brack was total phantom call. I suppose it was consistent, anybody breathed on a receiver all night got a flag (except Dwight on the Butler pick) BC just breathed on Rider receivers more than the Riders did to Lions.

Still on the subject of penalties, great job by the Riders not to take any! There was only Fulton with a dead ball foul shoving someone down. That was the only dumb penalty all night for the green. Tay George got a facemask on a sack but that was an accident.

The missed Lion FG was a big play. Actually, the sack before that put the ball back far enough that the FG landed in bounds and Dressler could run it out. Without that sack it would have been a single. Not only did Dressler save the point, he got all the way out to the 34 anyways and then Kabongo shoved him out of bounds and gave him 15 more. Everything about that sequence was a killer for the Lions.

Offense did have another slow start. That first big Sheets run seemed to spark things. He was surrounded by 3 Lions in the backfield, made a ridiculous cut and got 19 yards out of nothing. That and the gift PI on LaRose were really their only 2 big plays of the first 20 minutes or so. But after that they got things rolling.

Again, the wide sets really helped. That last Sheets TD was Picard, Labatte and Fulton just pushing forward (awesome!). It's great to be able to do that when the wide set empties the box. Complete change from last week where all the TE sets allowed Montreal to keep 8 minimum (and up to 11 or 12 on short yardage) between the tackles.

Now hopefully they won't slip back into stupidity the next time someone blitzes them. I hope the lack of TE sets wasn't just because the Lions lack of blitzes. The offense worked well because they ran their offense as they should, instead of taking dictation from the blitz. Next time they get blitzed, don't sit back and try to block everybody. Counter-attack it and get your full playbook back.