riders vs lions

Anyone giving Riders a chance on Friday?

Damn straight I am. I am picking them to win. It'll be a squeker, but I think the offence will finally show up for at least two td's and a few fg's and if the defence can play as well as they have been then that might be enough.
22-19 Riders

I think some are, and some aren't...

For myself, It will be the play of the defenses that determine outcome of this game.... And I think the Lions prevail by 8 points.
Score 26 -18 for the Lions. My prediction is that BC's defence will score a TD..

The return of Kory Sheets will help our offence, but he wont be the saviour that Rider Nation is expecting..
The turn around time between coast to coast games is too short, and I don't think they will have put enough preparation in to get them over the top. You will see a good performance by our defense, but it won't be enough.

I hope I'm wrong! Go Riders!

As I said in a privious thread:

Not sure when you wrote that but all reports I've heard have him playing tomorrow.

good the hear! Thanks

[url=http://www.saskatoonhomepage.ca/riders-set-46-man-roster-for-bc/itemid_22]http://www.saskatoonhomepage.ca/riders- ... /itemid_22[/url]

Kory Sheets is back on the Saskatchewan Roughriders' 46-man roster and slated to be the starting running back tomorrow when the Green and White meets the B-C Lions. Also added to the 46 are just-signed Rod Williams, who will start at one cornerback position with Tristan Jackson starting at the other corner. U of S Huskies' grad Patrick Neufeld is back on the 46 as is linebacker Abraham Kromah, coming off the nine-game injured list. Neither are listed as starters. Coming off the 46, and going to the practice roster, are defensive back Eddie Russ and running back Chris Garrett. Linebacker Weldon Brown goes on the one-game injured list along with long snapper Cory Huclack. The Riders travel to Vancouver today. Game time tomorrow is 8 p.m. with CJWW's broadcast at 6. You can find the Riders' depth chart and roster information for tomorrow at the following...

They gave it a shot with Garrett and proved to be a mistake he just did not know the offense well enough to even see if he could be efffective. Live and you learn on that one as he heads to the PR Sheets is back to starting and hopefully since Jackson is now starting at CB that they can get Sanders dressed as a hybrid and 2nd RB allowing them to get more creative with the offense.
McHenry also back onto the roster and was used again effectivily as an H-Back pretty much getting back to the line up on offense that was so good at the beginning of the season.
Sanders and McHenry were the X factors.
Can see a win for sure out of this one.
Hopefully Kromah can be on his way back to the starting line up at MLB but even with McCoulough listed as the starter the defense as still played great using different players in different packages.
Coverage special teams look back in order with only Hurl missing from the bunch.
Hard luck Milo hitting the cross bar 3 times in a row is just the worst luck ever he is still kicking the ball well. Ricky at punter indoors with no wind is a scary thought if I am a BC lion on the return team.
Double TEs with Sheets back will be more effective even having sanders in the Backfield with Double TEs sets up good protection and lots of option from that set

I like the riders chances the last time they faced themn was two weeks ago with a RB who did not know the plays. BC beat up on a happless Winnipeg team last weak and BCs Oline has not been in the best shape all season long. Come after Demarco Hard with a variety of defensive packages. Williams and Anderson on one side of the D back field Wow. It may be Williams first game of the season but he is in top shape coming out of NFL camp at final cuts and 3 years of CFL experience and an all star he will be chomping at the bit

do more zone over man

Williams and Anderson are penciled to play passer side, which kinda sucks for Demarco.

Ideally, the Lions would be focusing on running to the left to keep the strong side to Demarco's throwing arm side on passing downs. They are going to test Williams early...likely about 5-8 plays into the game going deeper...see if he is in form or not. Therefore, 1st couple plays I would be bringing zone over (FS) to the left side (for sure if it ends up being strong side on those plays) to support Wouldo/Jackson and Maze/Thomas Let Demarco see man or the weak zone on the right, and extra coverage on the left....let him decide to test Williams...on say the 4th-5th play (whenever strong side is on right), bring zone over to support Williams and Anderson...turnover all over that one. get him gun shy, then blanket the left side of the field after that....take away the shallow zone with a LB there and keep the FS deep to cover Arceneaux.

Conventional wisdom says to keep Anderson or Williams on Arceneaux...mess with their heads...let them choose between putting him on Williams and Anderson, or zone over man on the left.

I guess riders are # 1 , Durant is one of the best. go riders

Arceneux on the short side against Jackson will be a huge mis match I would guess that the Riders already know this and will have the help schemes zones all game planned in.
The Lions also have Gore slated as WR against Williams Paris Jackson starting in the slot next to rookie williams who is ahead of Courney Taylor Iannuzzi is also sl;ated in as back up so if neither he nor Courtney Taylor can go advantage Riders big time. Taylor is a stud for real and Williams a hybrid returner type speed

Turnovers and ball control. If the Riders can win those two phases they probably take the game. No early picks or fumbles by the Riders is critical. The offense's ego is fragile as is so they can't shoot themselves in the foot by turning it over.
I hope Sheets is 100 % and not just being put in because of panic. Yes it's a big game if the Riders have any shot at first or second spot and a home playoff game but if Sheets gets injured in this game the season could pretty much be done.
Defense must rattle Demarco and I mean literally. Knock him around a bit and get into his kitchen early and often. Take no prisoners and make receivers pay for attempting catches. Make them scared to go into the middle. Time to take of the satin gloves and roll up the arm sleeves and get to work. Play time is over,and this team is very beatable if the Riders are smart,play with high intensity and discipline.
I don't want the Riders just to win but to destroy the Lions.
To quote Conan the Barbarian, when asked what are the best things in life" crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women." Make the lions cry guys make em cry.

Well they have the horses and hitters on defense with depth and rotation on the dline to power or use quickness to pressure with 4 and bringing big hitters on the blitz butler, ferry, Brak from the safety spot.
As for Sheets going back to last season where using Saunders as a Change up runner carrying the ball.
Sheets being overused a bit and not dressing a second RB to change up give him a blow. You see that in Calgary and BC where both Walter and Brown get carries and time in the backfield during the game. Then in Toronto they also use Kackert so much and leave Durie as an emergency Back up that Kackert has been banged up a lot in his season and a half.

I think with the return of Cory Sheets, you will see a much needed charged O. I think they will win this one. The run game will now be in play and the BC D will not be blitzing like all teams have the past couple of weeks. Also with sheets gone this long and the play book adjusted from week to week, this may be a problem for BC with little to look back on. JMO

Riders 32 Lions 20

Ok Depop, we know you're special with some kind of "In" with the team but seriously....you can't leave us hangin with that!!!! Whats goin on with Sheets then? lol

You’re playing a tough team on the road and you won’t be satisfied unless the Lions are destroyed? This is a competitive league, man. It’s a bit insulting to go around thinking that anything short of a blowout win for your team is unacceptable. The other guys get paid to play too.

Besides, when you’re on a four-game losing streak, any result that ends with ‘W’ for you is good, right? :wink:

Riders fans just love to be disappointed. :stuck_out_tongue:

We will see the riders stop the blitz. There will be a new team on the field tonight with a big rider finish. The Riders will prevail.


BC is not huge into blitzing, so it is a good game to focus on solidifying theline.

I didn't say I wouldn't be happy with just a win, I said I wanted them to destroy the lions. Of course coming out of BC with a W would be very good, still doesn't mean you can't shoot for more. :slight_smile: Setting high goals is not a bad thing to do.