Riders vs Lions July 10

This was a close game til the 4th with BC once again unable to get touchdowns. That being said, Saskatchewan looks like a really powerful team this year. They have to be the favorite to win the West as they have a great O and D.

Durant is playing with such poise and his receivers are smart and help him out when required. Wes Cates played great tonight. The D-line for the Riders....Hawkins in particular who reminds me of Cam Wake at times....damn. They just don't quit. Even with their 2 big losses.

Lulay has been getting rocked tonight over and over. At least Geroy gets a late TD to pad his stats. Good game Riders.

printers got hurt running.

i wish the 1 announcer would take off his rider jersey tho.


then bc or whoever they play… BUT… BUT… BUT…

they have also been speaking well of some lions, but its not their fault there is a whole less opportunity to do so today

There is no doubt in my mind that the Riders are a team to be reckon with!

They looked very smart and well balanced and their defense had a big turn around tonight!

They will handle Edmonton next week!

Two weeks into the season. You sound like a Canuck's fan. riders will have their share of no shows like the Lions had tonight.

The Riders are looking good to start the season. That being said it is a long season with many games. Alot can happen between now and the end of the season. I am, however, impressed with the depth on the team this year. We need to find another olinemen as Wayne Smith will likely be done for the rest of the season.

Sorry but I have to chuckle at this. You look at TSN's panel and pretty much every time the Riders play you hear "The Riders have to overcome....." That board treats the Riders with no respect even when they are the favorites.

I'll debate your so called No-Show.

The Riders were very effective vs the Lions. They contained Robertson and had very little trouble against Printers.

if the Lions had not shown up tonight, the score would have been a much wider margin.

The Lions young O-line was fine against the lowly Eskimos but the Riders are another animal altogether. Their D-coordinator does a great job disguising coverages and blitzes and caused all sorts of mayhem tonight. Printers/Lulay were running for their lives and the O was barely on the field. That made the D tired in the 2nd half and the Riders had that beauty of a long drive in the 4th to blow them out when it was 23-11.

Anton MacKenzie didn't play after the 1st quarter due to injury and Paris Jackson is doing nothing as well probably due to injury. Oh well next home game against the Champs. Doesn't get any easier. Hopefully Wally makes the necessary adjustments.

I thought it was heading for a blow out early in the 1st. The Lions were going 2 and out and the Riders were moving the ball well until the Cates fumble. Seemed to deflate the offense for a bit and the Lions really kept the game close through 3 quarters. Eventually fatigue set in it looked like, lots of procedure calls and poor blocking by the Lions O-line as the game went along. Gotta give the Leo's credit for hanging around for so long.

I can't stand it when people leave really early. Some were leaving in the begining of the 4th quarter. Yeah we were losing but wtf! I'm glad we stayed til the end and saw Geroy's second great TD!
We have much work to do. Our defense got tired and our run D fell apart. We still need an O line or we'll go through QBs faster than before. At least both of them looked great when they actually had a chance to throw the ball...

i like lulay.. kind of a buck pierce clone.

Due to the "young" O line (10 games pro experience...wow), your D is going to be on the field alot, until the Offense gets on track. I know it is easier said than done, but be patient!!! We may not see alot of results this year, but in future years the growing pains will bring forth success. Have faith and believe in your team!!!

Remember the game is played on the field, not in the press. When a team comes in over confidence, that’s when they get it “handed to them”!! Don’t be so quick to count out the Esks.

Abou Meckreh?

I have to ask this question, what is up with the time keeper in BC? After the 3 minute warning, every play the refs had to have the time keeper remove time from the scoreboard? Is he really that bad at tracking time or is there an issue with the equipment? Just seems funny to me is all.

Darien Durant has turned into one of the best CFL type QB's to come into the league since Doug Flutie. The NFL have started grabbing this type of QB (eg Seneca Wallace) to be one of their backups, so hopefully the Riders can come up with an extension for Durant.
Cavillo has showed you can win with a drop back QB, but I still like a guy like Durant if I had a choice. He can do it all.

I think the Riders will be okay for now with losing Wayne Smith. They'll likely put Bell back in next week (he started week 1 ahead of Smith) but that means an import will have to come out, and I think Hugh Charles made a great case that it won't be him. If another lineman goes down then the Riders might be in a little bit of trouble, but right now I think Joel Bell and Chris Best would be starting on a number of other team's O-lines.

well ya of course.. but the Esks don't look like they're playing great.

this is in Saskatchewan, and the Riders are going to be pumped with all the stuff going on that day.

Esks will be 0-3