Riders VS Lions Game Thread

Lets go Lions!!!!!

WTF was that JJ.

Wow are the Lions struggling 1st & goal on the opponents 1 yard line or what???

Apparently the turnover curse is entending beyond Taylor Field. Not even one quarter in, and already we have two turnovers. Can they beat Week One’s record of 15 turnovers? There’s still plenty of football to play!!! :o

Turn overs...we might as well just give up another game!

make that 3

When you posted this, I thought to myself, "Don't worry, the Riders will spot you a turnover or two." Here's your first turnover. That brings the total to four. 12 more to break the Week One record. Come on Lions and Riders! Turn that ball over! :lol:

Finally a touch down!

What the hell was with #47? The play is over, and everyone is just standing around, and this guy goes and knocks a Riders player over? What the hell?!?!?! And what made the whole thing even more ridiculous is the guy actually started celebrating!!! I'm glad #37 went over and gave the guy an earful. If I was Wally, I'd be smacking that guy upside the head every 5 minutes like clockwork. What an idiot... :roll:

Ya we are also having issues with stupid penalties!

I'll say... #90-whatever was so jealous of #47 that he had to get in on the action. If I was Wally, I'd be bringing a rather large stick to practice, and if anyone does anything even remotely stupid, I'd give him a crack across the #&@ with the rather large stick.

WOW a bounce in the Lions favor!

That play needs to be included in the Plays of the Year. That was incredible!

...that was certainly an entertaining last few minutes of the half....the silence from riderville is deafening....what up?...

That was the play of the year, gotta love the CFL there is nothing out there like it.

Um, Jason Aragki was a couple of yards ahead of the ball when it was kicked/dribbled. And then was the first one to touch it downfield.

Article 5 – Dribbled Ball
A dribbled ball occurs when the ball is kicked while not in possession or control of
a player, i.e. a loose ball following a fumble, a blocked kick, a kickoff or a kick from
scrimmage. Such a dribbled ball may be touched by the kicker or an onside player
without penalty.
If touched by an offside player:
PENALTY: Ball awarded to opponent at point ball touched, or option.

No yards.

No touchdown.



No Yards wasn't called because no B.C. player was within 5 yards of the Saskatchewan player. And the ball was live because the Saskatchewan player touched it but failed to gain possession of it. As far as I know, if the returning team so much as brushes up against the ball, then the ball becomes live. Saskatchewan touched it but didn't gain possession. B.C. kicked it. A B.C. player picked it up and ran into the endzone. Touchdown Lions.

You missed the point. It wasn't no yards after the original punt. After Yurichuk "dribbles" it downfield, it's a new kicking situation and the only Lion players allowed to touch it are Yurichuk himself and anyone who was behind him. Arakgi was two yards in front of him, so when he touched it around the riders 30 yard line it should have been no yards.

Jarious Jackson, here we go....

Is anyone more sober than I counting the turnovers? What does that pick bring the total to?