Riders vs Esks

24 - 0 28 years since we've been shut out?

Hey all you Durant haters, time to step up and let the Nation hear you.....if you've got the nerve.

Bottom line is this..... no offense = tired defense. We're lucky this wasn't uglier. We will relive this again next week during the players of the week announcements.

the D may have been tired, but they did poorly from the opening snap…no way around that. Just because they didn’t get piles scored in the first half doesn’t mean they played well. The LBs are pathetic. When do you see the safety come up that often to cover the inside LB? brutal

1 QB holds on to long, one QB throws stupid passes.

and one qb goes wee wee wee, all the way home :slight_smile:

Almost a complete failing grade on every aspect of the game. Offense,defense, cover teams get a A+ because they didn't allow a score.
And yes I haven't seen greenrider on here chirping about how bad Durant is. So you know we are in trouble.

Oh and anyone not thinking that not having best in is not having a drastic effect on our O line is also kidding themselves. If we don't get him back and soon unless we can get an very experienced qb to get rid of the ball fast I honestly not too optimistic of our chances against Edmonton or certainly the Stamps in the rest of the up coming games.

yeah...best out last year equated to a losing skid. Granted this situation is a little different, but still.

A high school team could of beat us tonight! The D played poor, except maybe T Jackson. Special teams where the high light tonight.

Now our O, it just sucks, Tino played like crap, Seth played a bit better, might as well give Price a shot, what's there to lose.
Why is Messum not our main RB? I am not a fan of Allen and CC needs to get his head out of his a.s and see this!!

Yes injuries have hit us hard in key places, but this is just bad, we have some really great players, to bad the gears that make them work are broke!! We need a QB that can lead, and as someone else said tonight, where's that idiot greenrider now, I really hope he's happy!! I hate to say it, but we will be lucky to make play-offs all alone a repeat, it was just butt fut ugly tonight.

The D would be fine with a real inside LB. Everyone is overcompensating for the middle.

Agreed so like I said why not try and get someone from an NFL camp that didn't make it? Normally these guys are bigger and faster.
Going back to that hit on Taj . Yes it was a football play but seriously it wasn't necessary. Basically it was a slap in the rider's face to make a statement "we own you". The same thing with running up the score. Oh I know the Eskimos will say it was in case of the points difference but I highly doubt that was the case. It was more rubbing salt in the wounds.

Don't get this. On the defensive side of the ball, quality linebackers are the easiest international players to find. Why is SSK having so much difficulty finding someone to play inside?

I agree it's not like there is a shortage of these guys around somewhere. Quarterbacks are different but D backfield guys are pretty plentiful.

To me, this is how hard it is to find quality players by position (easiest to hardest in each phase):

Linebacker (Will or Mike)
Defensive tackle
Defensive halfback
Linebacker (Sam)
Defensive end

Running back / fullback
Wide receiver
Offensive guard
Offensive center
Offensive tackle

can't say I disagree oh a couple of those positions may be flip flopped in some peoples books but its a fair statement of the range of difficulty.
Point being more is that as you and I have both said if our linebackers are an issue then lets try and make it a non issue and get some guys in at least on the pr to have a look.

I'm suprized no one mentioned the officiating yet. That gamble on the 35 almost left Doege headless. Just one of the many calls that were missed JMO. Proux has always sucked wish they would get rid of him or maybe we can get Waldu to run him over. Friday night was just a good old ass kicking.

I thought the officiating was pretty good. There are always going to be some iffy ones they make or don't, but I didn't see much that left me scratching my head.

White ran for almost 200 yds and Riely over 100. What is Cornish going to do to the Riders? Break the record for the most rushing yds in one game? Or break the record for rushing yds for one season in one game?

If they dont fix the issue in the linebacker core probably both. Heck last night against some of the best linebackers he still had a field day. Calgarys O line is really good this year and as much as we hear how ours is the tops in the league I don`t think that can be said this year. Yes not having Best in is a big big difference but still the Stamps O line is more then getting the job done.

You can have the best LBs in the league but if the DC calls a formation that leaves the middle behind the line totally open...even I could run through that

this is very true...the middle was left open a lot, and any time it was they either ran White or Reilly simply took off.

Yep! There was a gaping hole through the middle a lot in the first half... It got a little smaller in the second half when they were bring Brackenridge down into the box... But you are bang on. The Riders did a fairly good job of pass coverage, so when the middle became open, Reilly had the green light to run.

Agreed. And also throw in some QB spy looks to deal with the space vacated in the middle of the field. I know spying the QB affects pass coverage but if you're getting killed up the middle again and again, you need to make an adjustment and trust your DBs to hold their own in coverage.