riders vs. esks

so what did u guys think of the game tonight i was only able to watch the second half, but i noticed the riders were playing very well in the 4th quarter.. with an interception the block of the feild goal at the end.
how was the first half of the game since i missed it can u guys fill me in..

Riders totally dominated Edm in the first half until the fumble...then the wheels started to get a little wobbly :slight_smile:

The first half was a much better played game than the first. The stats showed that the riders should have had the game won in the first half. The second half was definatly more nerve wracking. An amazing all around game by both teams. Offense, defence and special teams all had their moments in the game. What an amazing feeling it was to see Omar block the kick. Crandell played great all game except for the fumble that was the Lazeos fault, he got worked over like a school girl by Montford, but other than that had a good game filling in for Andrew Greene. Marcell still has not gotten away from his shotgun handoff, so Kenton is not being allowed to show us his true potential. Marcell has mixed up the throw a little going down field more which could reflect Crandells ability to use the whole field. What more can you say about Omar than amazing. Not only with his blocked field goal, but with his inteception return that got them back in the game.

cool…i wish i could have watched the first half

The third quarter was just horrible to bear with. I'm glad Ray doesn't play like that for 60 minutes or he'd be a monster.

This game was incredible - probably the best rider game i've been to in a long time.

I was sitting pretty much directly behind the Edmonton bench. With one minute left in the game, we were watching Epstein warm up to kick the field goal. The whole bench was acting so cocky, they thought they won the game for sure, they were cheering and celebrating another win. Epstein was laughing and high-fiving everyone.


The whole stadium was quiet.


Everyone thought the game was lost for sure


No chance in hell now that the riders will make the playoffs


Morgan dives in and blocks the kick - The crowd goes nuts, riders win the game, and the only ones not cheering are the cocky edmonton eskimos wondering what the hell just happened.

Now the laughing, cheering Epstein probably doesn't have much a career left ahead of him, missing most of his field goal attempts that night.

hey i so kow what u mean..i couldn;t go to the game casue i live in winnipeg :frowning:...so i watched it on tv..and the sdmonton coah was congratulating his player s and everything and he was smiling...but i wasnt upset yet casue i knew it wasnt over till it was over and the esks should learn that lol...i was so happy

The biggest thing that bothered me was the fact that Sask continues to give up important drives at the end of the game. They really need to be able to stuff drives before they start.