Riders vs Esks, October 23rd

Anyone have any good feelings about this game? I'm thinking we're like a MASH unit (aka 1989)...hopefully the replacement players can have an impact and our ground game gets going.

well, the Esks now have to play because they need to keep their pace with B.C.

the Riders sorta have less to play for unfortunately.

sure we have a small chance to still get first but I do believe the Riders have basically conceded 1st to Calgary.

this is why I'm not going to the game today.

that and it's a little too chilly to sit there on my own.. watching the Esks play a motivated game and the Riders not.

Part Time Fan!!!

Ah, man. If you're in town you gotta go!! There's still plenty of time to hop on the transit and get yourself a ticket. You won't be alone - you'll be with tens of thousands of other Rider fans. Grab your damn parka and/or rain jacket, get off your fannie and make some noise !!!!

I went to 3 games this year and the closest one to home was over 1,100 km away. Surely you can go to one that is, what, 11 km away?

I went to every Rider game when I lived in Edmonton. Commonwealth is a great place to watch the boys. I'm still hedging though because I don't know what to expect, especially with Weston out. Coming out party for one of the youngsters? Is Sisco on the 42 man roster?

Special teams have been ugly. Not all Jim Daley's fault, but PLEASE can we fire him? now, or at end of the season, I don't care.

I think our whole coaching staff should be fired. In my opinion they have totally mismanaged this team all year. Today is a prime example of their inability to come up with a winning game plan. Adjustments at half time - there were none. Disgusting display today.

today defined TEAM LOSS

I'm glad me and my buddies decided not to go, but we live in Calgary, if I was in Edmonton no way in the world would I not attend.