Riders vs Esks, October 13rd

Who wins?

I feel like our offense is going to score a lot of points this week

And our def. will shut down Edm.

This will be a tough game. With Hamilton losing, Esks will be extra hungry for a win in order to at least have a better chance of nailing down a crossover spot in the playoffs. I think our O is better than their O, and our D is at least as good if not better than their D. So Riders need to execute well on O, take advantage of opportunities to score points, and keep the penalties and turnovers down.

Sherrit scares me he's a force along with that linebacking core. Durant needs to get the ball out to avoid taking big hits with that nicked hip, Sheets and West needs to have big games. And Durant just has to limit mistakes and get Dressler the ball. Defense needs to shut down Stamps and any running threat they have.