Riders vs. Esks (Oct 12)

Lol yah I'm sure after watching that cluster muck the Stamps are really scared. Probably injure themselves from laughing and falling out of their chairs.

If the score is 14-9 Riders on November 24 would any of us be complaining? I know I sure wouldnt. Defense wins championships and right now that D is playing at a high level. The Riders did leave some plays on the field ie Getzlaf's drop, which would have blown this game wide open.

Based on the last 8 games, it is safe to say that we don't have the Offense to win a GC. Once Lulay is back, we won't be able to beat BC. Calgary is way better then out team. The only way we make it to the GC is if our D wins it for us. Sad to see the season slipping away.

Darian Durant always shows up in the playoffs and this team has one of the best running attacks in the CFL, which are both key in playoff football. If this team wins next week, they at least host the semi final and have a shot at hosting the final with some help. I wouldnt count this team out.

Yes but greenandwhite this isn't a grey cup contending team we beat. Thats the issue it's not the Stamps or the Lions or the Ticats or the Argos. This was the Eskimos. A last place team that has maybe 3 weapons at most. Sure on the standings its a win but realistically the Riders had better feel it was a lost because in many ways it was especially on offense.
Honestly against the Stamps do you think they would have won this game with that offensive production? Not a hope in hell.
I agree defenses do win championships but they need some help from the offense. Look at the Bombers and swaggerville. A very good defense but when on the field for most of the game they got worn down and the Lions killed them.No points in the second half, against or with the wind. No first downs in the 3rd quarter. That is simply unacceptable.
Hey I give credit and praise when the team earns it. This one the offense especially didn't.

August 18 Edmonton loses by three points to Toronto. September 2nd Edmonton looses by 3 to Calgary. September 6 Edmonton holds Calgary to 22 points and loses by 10. There are other close games that Edmonton has played that have not been against the CFL "elite". Point? Edmonton has played well this season, but makes mental mistakes which cost them football games. Its not like this team gets blown out week in and week out. Reilly came into this game third in the league in passing, and the defense had him on his heals the whole game. Stamps was shut down for the most part today. You also have to remember this is the third meeting by these two clubs, and Edmonton is going to make adjustments to their game plan. The Riders are 10-5.

2nd point. I think if the Riders hold Calgary or any team for that matter to 9 points they will win more often than not. Calgary chokes in the playoffs anyway.

With the wind blowing at Mosaic really changes the way that you can call a game on offense. Hardly any offense against the wind. So teams need to depend on their defense and Running game.
The Riders are all in and have not just put together a team to win a Cup but a team that can win a cup in Regina late in November.
The offense looked fine indoors at BC Place

I'd say that while this team is better than the one that lost the western final last year, Calgary has improved even more from what it was last year. Calgary hasn't chocked yet this year. If Sheets out plays Cornish and DD actually goes thru his progressions instead of locking in on one guy, we can make it close. Our D will have to out play Calgarys to give us a chance. That is asking a lot playing in Calgary.

I agree. We need a domed stadium in Regina :rockin:

Based on how the riders and Calgary D played against BC I have to give the edge to the Riders. On the Road in BC place the Riders defense dominated the BC Oline giving Demarco no time to do anything.
I was expecting to see the same on friday night with Calgaries Defense but BCs OLine did the job against them.
Where as Chick and company pushed the Lions Oline around all game the Lions OTS pretty much won the battles with arguably the best DE combo in the CFL, That was until Alex Hall landed in Regina

If anyone thinks we hold the Stamps to 9 points that is very very unlikely to happen. Anyway you paint it the offense does not look in sync for whatever reason. Seriously no first downs in the 3rd quarter and that's all right? Zero points in a half? Wind or no wind that will not win 99% of the games.
This team was suppose to be put together to win it all this year and defensively I think they have especially with all the injuries, played very well. On offense we are missing Best and that's it. If he is the reason the Riders went 8-1 then the Riders are paying the wrong guy the most bucks.

A win is a win Rider nation!
Today was a day the defense stepped up and won us a game... There were numerous times the Offence stepped up earlier in the season and scored some late points to win games...

IMO, the offence was maybe a bit mentally weak today.. We saw 3 sacks against the OLine, and on at least one of DD's interceptions, he was hurried and tried to force the ball to Dressler.
We saw 2 key drops by Getzlaf... One that would likely have ended up in touchdown. DD scrambles and makes a perfect throw into the wind... And dropped! What does that do to the confidence of an offence? I bet Geroy Simon would dream to get passes like that..
I dont the think the Riders were ready for the weather.. The wind was a factor, and the long injury delay to the Eskimo player got everyone cold..

The offence is going to have to get tougher mentally to compete for a GC

Positives today is that Sheets ran for 100 yards. Sanders was implemented in the backfield and rotated in... And the defence came up big with 2 huge turnovers when the ESKS were in the Red Zone..

I agree it wasn't the most exciting game, but a win is a win!! I will take a win every day of the week

The only turkey the offense should have is the game film served to them over and over again until they puke.

The Riders have a better defense then Calgary. They have allowed fewer points. Calgary has glaring holes in their secondary (just watch what BC did with DeMarco). Post patterns and those fade routes on the outside will work all day against that team. If the Riders are to play the West final in Calgary, I dont have any concerns as Calgary is like a second home to the Riders. These two teams are mirror images of one another. I remember in 2007 when nobody gave this team a hope going into BC in the west final and they came out with a huge win.

Nobody is saying that the offensive performance was alright, not even the players, but to say this team is "not a contender" is ludicris. This team, Durant especially, always plays well come playoff time. I'm not ready to crown this team GC champions, but I do think they are a legitimate contender to go to the Grey Cup this year. IMO its between them and Calgary. I'm not even ready to concede first place to the Stamps either. I think the Riders win next week and in Calgary and it will come down to the last week of the season to determine who finishes where.

The wind was essentially a non factor in the second half.

No, I think you meant to say that the Riders have a better defence THAN Calgary.


First, and by far most importantly...best wishes to Almondo Sewell...nasty nasty nasty moment

I for one thought the O played respectably, they just Fd up at bad times.

  • HUGE drop by Getz...that was a chance to put this game away.
  • 3rd and inches...We've been discussing potential concerns on short yardage for a couple week...well, now it is definite concern.
  • D picks it off...first pass by DD...picked.

In the 1st quarter, yeah, they started slow...it was obvious that they were just trying not to make the big mistake into the nasty wind. The wind was a huge factor in the 1st, a big factor in the 2nd, and fairly minor after that.

Loved the fake even though I predicted the play and thought it was an obvious gamble situation...the aggression was nice. Less impressed that they did not anticipate the Esks gamble....where a lot of us thought it was a high probability of a fake. I like aggressive Chamblin.

on D...
NOT a fan of sitting McElveen! This was my fear in signing Hall. The Riders have 3 really talented ends, and 3 studs at DT...Chick is NOT a DT. When he was in there, they attacked him.

Sure, they only gave up 6 points, but had the Esks receivers been capable of holding on to a ball I am not so sure what the outcome would have been here. I've not seen that many drops since all season by one team. I felt rather bad for Reilly.

Huge on the goal line and and the INT by Tbrack. You can't expect a whole lot more from any D...even with all of those Esks drops.

McCullough early in the game, sticking with his man deep and busting it up....VERY impressive! Best coverage all night!

We should have had 3 points in the 2nd half. We were 3rd and 1, the score was 14-9, and we were at a relatively short field goal distance. A field goal would have made the score 17-9, giving us a somewhat comfortable lead. If it would have been a short yard and a sure 1st down, it would have been a good call. It was a bad call. There a saying about taking points when you can get them. I believe in that saying.
I thought we looked silly finishing the 1st half. We're deep in our end of the field, the score was 14-3 (I believe), the clock has almost run out and we're making passing plays. The thinking in this situation should be to protect the ball.

Yes I was surprised when we didn't kick the field goal. They showed DD and Sheets coming off the field, I commented Milo better not hit the uprights and then the tv shows DW at QB. I actually like the aggressive call, one miller should have made in the GC in Calgary on the last drive of then first half. At least we know it is still an issue to iron out.

I hope G&W is right that DD gets better in the playoffs. I haven't seen a lot of fire this year from him. Personally it is probably his teammates that pick it up a step.

It is unbelievable to me that DD has not developed some chemistry by now with Simon. The best reciever of all time who had at least a dozen QBs throwing to him and yet DD can't find him. One throw a game. Come playoffs there will be no chemistry for sure, don't wait until the playoffs.

I'm concerned that DD is throwing behind the recievers and not hitting them in stride. One hops have to stop too.