Riders vs. Esks (Oct 12)

Lets get some discussion started here....

Predictions? Thoughts on up coming game?

SSK has new look up front with Hall on Defense, and it sounds like Reilly will start - Edmonton is mathematically still eligible for playoffs.

Must win for Eskimos to keep slim playoff chances alive, and must win for The Riders to get on a roll and keep their chances of home playoff game alive.

I'm picking the Riders.. Final score 35 - 24

Go Riders

I agree a must win for both teams,the difference is the Riders are playing for a home playoff game which will be crucial and the Esks are playing for a very very slim shot at a playoff spot. My opinion even though the Eskimos must win Reilly shouldn't be playing. That's his and the teams choice though. I still don't think it will matter who Edmonton has in at qb,this one has potential to get ugly. If the Riders were ever to get out of the slow start to games this one would be a good time.
The keys again are turnovers,bad penalties,offense getting off to a positive start.
Defensively no doubt everyone will be watching to see how Hall is implemented. I think he may be a bit nervous(understandably) at the start and I hope he doesn't get nailed with jumping the gun early too often. No doubt he wants to make an impression not only to his new team but again if he is thinking of a NFL shot he needs to shine and show he can be a difference maker. No matter who is qb for the Eskimos the defense must get to him early and often,that shouldn't be a big issue as the Edmonton O line is very suspect. I'm looking for as many as 10 sacks for the Green & White. I know that sounds far fetched but we did get 5 on the Lions in their own building. With the crowd noise and new look on our defense the O line of the Eskimos may blow a few assignments and if the Riders can get a big early lead that may take the fight completely out of the Eskimos.
Offensively a no brainer here,the O line must open holes for Sheets and give Durant time to throw. No bad fumbles or picks and the offense should dominate.
My prediction for the game. Final score. Riders 45 Edmonton 20 :cowboy:

If the Riders keep Fred Stamps under raps then there isn't many other weapons for the Eskimos to use. Hopefully it is a good game, and by good game I mean Riders get an early lead and never come close to relenquishing it.

Marcus Henry is an allstar...the Esks have just failed to figure that out. The guy has nothing but upside.

Wow...Rod Williams is 9 gamed?? Cap issue or real? 13 guys on the 9 game right now. I am assuming they basically had to choose him or Hall.

This puts Woldu and Miller as starting CBs

Steinhauer is out, Huclack in.

Both Brown and Kromah are on the 46 this week. Brown back would be nice.

Never mind...broke his arm in practice on Wednesday.

Chamblin says 4 weeks...

This game will come down to stupid penalties and turnovers, if we keep those low we will win, if not gonna be another nail biter as Esk's are hungry for a play off spot. I still think Riders win, I'll say 39-24.

I don't think you can say that the esks are actually hungry for a playoff spot. If they were they would have more than 3 wins, and wouldn't have been destroyed last week. I'm not saying that the Esks won't come to compete, but everyone and their mother knows that they are not going to be in the playoffs this year.

Edmonton - 19
Roughriders - 34

man tough luck with Williams. He looked like he was going to be a good acquisition.

Wow that was quick. Be nice if Macho Harris could come back sometime soon.
Weldon Brown looks like next week according to Coach interview.
Tristian Jackson has suddenly become starting matierial hope that is for real.
Carlos Thomas being the back up DB helps a lot as well. Jock Sanders looks to be back on the 42 on a regular basis. Leaves one more import spot on the 42 Kuale, Kromah, or Peters if my count is correct with McElven and Hall rotating parts on the Dline

Weather forecast tomorrow afternoon calling Sunny, 10 degrees and a NW wind at 25 km - Gusting to 45 Km

So wind will be a factor. Rider defence will have to prepare for Hugh Charles and Mike Reilly taking off. I hope the Riders get Saunders on the 42 to back up Sheets. I would like to see some form of rotation to keep Sheets fresh for playoffs, plus help him get that knee fully recovered

Oline needs a big game to help sheets get back in the rushing title race. If Reilly runs he will get hurt, again. He should not be playing period. They have no realistic chance at a playoff. Makes Reed look like a bigger idiot.

Rider win, 43-17

I have a feeling this is going to be one of those 52-0 games. The Riders are due for a big performance.

I hope it is a beating by the Riders... I hope they perform well and execute at a high level...

I hope they don't get too over confident because of the issues Edmonton is going through.

With the Stampeder win, tomorrow is a must win for the Riders. Though chances are slim that the Western Final will go through Regina, there is still a mathematical chance. But the opportunity here is to play the Western Semi final at HOME
If they win tomorrow, they get 1 game ahead of BC, with one remaining game against BC at home. With a win tomorrow, they control their fate... The Home Playoff game would be locked up with a victory at home against BC..

Must win!!!!!

Wow and I thought I was being optimistic. :wink: as much as it would be nice for a blow out for the riders I don't see it being quite that easy. Williams being hurt doesn't help that's for sure,he looked pretty good against BC and now were back into plugging a hole. riders can't get a break lately with the injury bug it seems. Still think the riders will win and should win by at least 10 realistically.

The key last week I think was that the Riders got after and got to Deamarco. The same can be and should be done getting after Reilly.
I would have though that Calgary would have been able to do the same against BC last night but the BC Oline held up against the Calgary Defensive pass rush.
The Riders did this last week with just basically two DEs with Hilee out on the 9 game. Now with 3 DEs All star calibre now rotating Look out.
I like the confort zone that the offense appeared to have with Sheets back. Chamblain did say it is the time of the year where you become more aggressive and hold nothing back. I took that to mean with the playbook.
I would love to see a more healthy and confident Sanders get back involved on offense. Calgary does a great job in using of their Back up RBs keeping Cornish a little fresher and allowing the other back to get involved so if Sheets does need to come out it will not be so devastating as it was when he left that game with no halback on the 42 and the next games with just Garrett who did not know the playbook.

Proulx is ref, look for brutual calls.

Well it was an ugly game, but still get the W. Defensive line looked really good. A win next week and the Riders clinch a home playoff game. Hopefully we get some help from either Edmonton or BC against Calgary and we win in Calgary in two weeks.

WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT? No 1st downs in the 3rd quarter,no points in the second half. A big fat goose egg. This team is really starting to scare the heck out of me. 3 more picks.(love the one where Durant even before the snap zeros in on Taj and keeps his eyes locked on him all the way across the middle.) The PA announcer could have announced it was going to Smith and it would have been as sneaky.
Was this game plan an attempt to get Sheets back into the rushing race? If so that failed also. Brutal protection again and play calling. Cortez needs to get his head out of his butt. Sure the game started out with a few wrinkles and I thought hey we are finally going to open things up. Wrong. Where was Dressler in the 2nd half? Was he even given a ball in it? I like Simon but for the amount we use him I really have to wonder. Nice use of Saunders,Smith,Bagg,Smith. Oh that’s right we didn’t.
Love the 3rd down gamble with Willy going exactly where he got stuffed last week. Must have really worked hard on that issue in last weeks practice.
Only positive was the defense,if not for them Riders lose to the second worse team having all ready lost to the worse.
Happy for the win but geez Louise guys get your s**t together. No way we win a playoff game with that kind of performance.
Think this is as upset I have been at getting a win.