Riders vs Eskimos

Who will win on Sunday?

Edmonton by less than 10 pts. The good thing is we’ll know what the standings are before the game starts :smiley:

Riders by 13 , with 3 sacks. :cowboy: :cowboy:
It will be interesting to see how the Edmonton defence does.

...you forgot kleenex sellers (hey, you never know)...i voted for the beer guys, they win all the time...

…we’ll also know the score before the game starts :smiley:

On day I'll figure out how to setup voting, cool addition to the blogs.

For whatever reason I think the Riders will be very tough to beat at home. I see them being pumped for the home opener, playing in front of the best fans in the CFL (ha,ha, that'll bug a certain person), and they will dOminate Edmonchuk. :rockin:

hey, even if the Riders are not playing well, and they need to pull out DD…it will be funny to hear the WWW chant

“We Want Willy”

“We Want Willy”

“We Want Willy”


There is some guy on the Leaderpost who has kept asking for Dimwiddie to play, including this year! I really think it is Dimwiddie posting. I'll take Willy ever time over Dimwiddie.

No need for kleenex. The Eskie fans can use the sleeve off their shirt, or pant leg.

Graham and Jackson out:

One major line-up change to watch for: former Hamilton Tiger-Cat and N-F-Ler Woodny Turenne is likely going to slot in for Nick Graham. Turenne spent last season playing for the Ti-Cats defense, under then-defensive coordinator Corey Chamblin. Terell Maze will likely play in place of Tristan Jackson, who the coach describes as 'nicked up'.

Defensive Backs Coach Barron Miles explains how he's been dealing with the 2 new cornerbacks in Maze and Turenne. "They're going to be allright. They're young, they're full of energy, you just gotta calm them down. That's the biggest thing you have to do with young guys, is to slow their energy down and control it. As long as we do that we'll be fine."

Riders looking good after 1 quarter

I'm one of the 12 who said more than 10! I thought it was a great game, despite the low score. I'm very pleased that the D shined because that was the greater of the concerns after the last game.

definitely not an explosive game, but both defenses where impressive. receivers were covered well by both clubs, and running lanes were generally slamming shut.

I was impressed with the newcomers in the secondary. Pretty sharp for first games, and the Riders were able to play man well.

Chamblin made the call of bringing Veikune into the game to rotate the DL out of the sun...great call.

The weakness on the OL was Patrick N. He ended up giving up a couple quick sacks, but played well after that. Also, the fact he has rotated in to play 2 different positions in 2 games and done very well at both is impressive. It is nice to see that they have a guy who can step in at any time! Hope the Labatte is alright...the fact he returned to the sideline dressed is a positive indication.

While the O was not glorious, they played a game of control...not being stupid. The did not turn it over and won the field position battle in a big way.

The Esks O was not great, as many expected. None the less...1 point...that is impressive. 200 total yards...even more so.

Awesome defensive display (by both teams actually). I don’t recognize this defense - not typical RH at all. DB’s are agressive - not laying off 10 yards - we have pressure on the QB - 6 sacks!!! Edmonton’s D is pretty good also but Durant was able to move the offense enough to keep the field position in our advantage. Way to go Riders!!!

Yeah, they totally dominated field position all game. The secondary has guys that can provide some man coverage now…not sure if they can against say BC (not sure if anyone can)…but they can at times. They were burned deep on a few occasions though…the ball was overthrown each time. The pressure was fantastic.

My big question was why they never attempted going deep, and if DD perhaps took a hit too many in week one, because they had him mainly in the pocket, especially early. That may very well have been the heat though…tough to be a running QB and still have enough in you late in a drive in that weather.

I was waiting for that deep ball all game but thought that maybe it just wasn't there for the taking. BC will definitely be a very good test for our team and show what we really got. Big challenge for the coaching staff to create the right scheme to slow down Lulay. Should be a good game (I hope).

No wonder the Esks let Rod Davis slip away in FA.

JC Sherritt is amazing. He is not overly big but can he lay a hit. Our D was good, we usually put pressure on with 4 or 5 players and that caused Jyles to happy feet.

I don;t mind a defensive battle so I was okay with that game.

Next week...............well an opponent that we can say is the best in the league right now. So a great stepping stone.

I agree, JC is dynamite. Made some really nice plays out there.
In a similar fashion Kromah made some really nice sticks.

Is anyone else as excited about Sam Hurl as I am?? I think this guy is gonna be the next big thing on the Riders defense. Every game I have payed attention to him and every practice I have been to I have watched him and man! He is as fast as a CB and he can tackle like a linebacker.. Whenever he is on the field he is around the ball! He makes very few mistakes for a rookie.. I think this kid will be a starter in no time!