Riders vs Eskimos!

well I'll be off to the game in about 30 minutes. so luckily for many of you, there'll be no comments from me during the game!


I'm saying right now Riders will win and very possibly by 20 pts!

good luck to both fans! and Enjoy the Riders kicking some Green and Gold Butt!!

Go Schmoes!

Get after Durant, he's sure to make bad decisions!

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

First drive, first DD pick. At least the Esks went 2 and out.

Pick 6 for Patrick - thanks to whoever the receiver was that blew the route.

Nice pick six

Nice catch for the RR first down

This game could be over real quick, Wes Cates with the TD

We need a new OC in the worst way.

Hey backer, looks like it's just you and me tonight having a little two-way dialogue. Every other fan for both teams must be at the game :slight_smile:

Edmonton's offense is pretty bad thus far, twice Ray has been pressured with a 3 man rush.

not quite - waiting till the break to post though lol. Riders looking strong early which is new - they are a second half team. Can they can these 2 on TSN calling the game yet?

Oops, life does exist beyond backer and me. Hi there Hoops - it would be better for the league if the game is a close one, at least. Not too late for that as things can change in a hurry.

It has not been that way for a long time. There always seems to be 3 or 4 bad teams.

Nice block but the TSN announcer screaming TOUCHDOWN 10 yards out as he is being tackled lol - we need some unbiased play callers :cowboy:

Chris Cuthbert has always been bad but I think Suitor is getting worse as a result.

What a putzzz .... "TOUCHDOWN ........ errr Saving Play!!!!!! " lol

leaglebeagle, I'm back and forth with the Ti-Cat forum

More play options with Zabransky

We need some Boise State magic!

Big catch there, can the Esk's keep it going is the question