Riders vs Eskimos - Good, Bad, Ugly

We got out there with any significant injuries.
Willy got some reps.

Offence, defence, special teams. Couldn't execute on offence, couldn't tackle on defence.

The run defence was not there at all. We also couldn't defend 2nd and long. Penalties kept the ball out of our hands.
A couple of special teams screw ups were ugly too.

BUT - I'm going to hang this one on the schedule makers. We had a 5 day week to prepare and in those 5 days, we traveled twice. Edmonton had 8 days and no travel. We really looked like we weren't ready to play on all sides of the ball and I chalk that up to the short week.

The Good

Not Much

The Bad

Special teams

The ugly

The rest of the team, and DD played only 1/2 a game, looked like his old self!!
Def what happened, no sacks, back field sucked.

can only hope this was their bad game of the season!

The good: Special teams
The bad: offense
The ugly: defense

Well and completely beaten in the trenches on both sides of the ball.

Good: Taj looked good.

Bad: Defense and Durant looked like they regressed again.

Ugly: The schedule. 5 days rest, traveling halfway across the country, to play a team that was on 8 days rest who played at home the week before too. Everyone looked tired.

I had a bad feeling going into this and by half time I was ready to leave the stadium...rate I have ever said that. Season series to the Esks...home playoff basically done...playing 3 tough games including the Lions and Als...this team just baby make life easy...but honestly...is rather be in a cross over this year

Oh...cats and bomber fans must be cussing good at this one huh.

I am sure we will make play off's, should win 2 of last 3, it all depends how we play once we start the drive to the grey cup!!
also don't think we will see them this flat the rest of the season!! The saga continues!! :?

never do we seem to make it easy on ourselves ............

BTW : Bad and Ugly was that "pass interference" call........

Good: Offense did move the ball
Bad: A few turnovers stalled drives
Ugly: Very poor officiating in this game made it unbearable to watch. Twice we were burnt on PI calls that were phantom calls, leading to 10 Edmonton points. This game is likely at least close if it werent for poor officiating.

Defensively we couldnt get off the field. Burnt once again by those crossing routes.

Still no excuse. Hopefully we get some defensive linemen back for next game.

The team didn't show up for four quarters. If they can't play on 4 days rest, they should have been on IR. Excuses are for losers!

Ugly, Ugly, Ugly. Edmonton outplayed us in all phases. Shows why we are not to be considered an elite team. We had an opportunity to keep Edmonton down but didn't follow through. Give Edmonton credit they came to play.

We better get our short yardage play straightened out.

James Patrick missed two open field tackles. He was out of position at corner? Maybe his coverage was good..........I didn't watch that closely? But he missed two tackles, one of which Hughey Charles danced in for TD. You need to wonder if butler is going to stay around at safety.

You have to wonder what we get in return for trading Charles for futures? Using the Greg Carr/Matt 'Odonnell trade as a comparator we should easily get a 3rd round pick...........but you could justify a 2nd. Hugh helped that team last fall and has been their #1 guy this season. I hope that trades reaps benefits in the 2013 draft?????? Mr. Taman what do we get back in return?

PI calls - someone else mentioned this................70-80 free yardage courtesy the stripes. Those were very nasty calls.

O-line - Poor. Heenan got beat clean on one sack and Patty Neufeld got beat on another. Dom Picard got owned by Sewell on a 2nd and 1 run? So overall they had a bad day. I did not hear much of anything about Labatte and Fulton so hopefully the left side of the line graded out better? Best back in for Heenan.

Joe L - Did the guy play? Did we play with 11 or was out MLB out there?

D'line - got owned. This likely caused problems for our linebackers. Odell was held twice and the refs got the calls right. He was there causing pressure.

Tristan - is doing his best to make it tough for coaches to keep him out there. Fumble. This is why we see Dressler back there on punts sometimes? Because he just secures the ball.

Taj Smith - played good and used his speed for YAK yards..............but he still dropped a pass and that just deflates momemtum.

Getz - Played well and he blconks hard on running plays.

Schedule was a problem. Hard fought road victory last week and you turn around and travel after 4 days? Any other CFL clubs get this into their schedule?

Joseph played really well. When we gor pressure he used his feet and bought some time. The secondary can;t cover for 4-5 seconds?

Let's just say the stars and moon were against us from the beginning. We've lost all the tiebreaks againts western teams? Even if we beat BC we can't catch them and we won't tie them.

The easy path to Grey Cup is throught the east. I wish we could crossover. Really, two teams with best records whould get buy weeks (BC and Calg). Rider would host a game as would Montreal. Why does Montreal earn a buy? This really should get tweaked because they should be playing the first week of playoffs..........not reqarded with a buy............and Toronto would travel someplace to play (either Montreal or Regina?). Look back histocially and this case can be made..........top two teams in the league are usually 1-2 from the west?

I would way rather have Kory Sheets then Hugh Charles.

Yes green and white. I'm with you. Sheets the man.

My comment has nothing to do refuted the trade we made. My comment is what do we get in return? We traded the dude for future consids............what does this amount do, when do we learn the outcome. This trade happened 53 weeks ago.

What are the fruits of this deal? That is what I want to learn?


While I agree with a lot of your post, Jackson has been stellar returning this year and is getting over 26 yards per return. Most returners fumble at least one time per season...look at Owens, he has fumbled a few times and is lippy. Taylor and brown have fumbled returning...t happens, but he is generally pretty solid, and can play d.

And yes, all teams have short weeks. I recall the Argos playing 3 in 11 days earlier this season...all teams get a shake at it. It will be a pile worse when there are 9 teams in a couple years.

It is a 2014 pick…and they have the same for the Fulton trade. Riders essentially got Fulton.

If that is the case, I'd make that trade 100% of the time! Fulton has been a stud for us!

Thanks Depop.

That sounds sort of even. You don't get many O-lineman winning player of the week awards. Unlike Mr. Hugh Charles who gets it this week. Fulton has kept DD on his feet, no blind side hits and hopefully he gets better and better.

This futures trade still bugs me..............I'll admit it. Hugh was a good running back last year. We should get good value in trades?

I think my rant is migrating towards Mr. Taman. If the Charles and Fulton future consids deal washes out............I guess I can start to live with that.

O'Donnell trade drives me nuts. We trade for Greg Carr and he's not even playing. They get a monster Cdn O-line. The kid would not sign here then he can sit at home and wait until we get an offer that is better than an import receiver who has marginally lit it up? That kid should be on our suspended list and watching TV. Wait for some injuries and people would start phoning.

I just question alot of trades by Taman. But i give credit as Fulton has filled a void and without him we might be looking at Goodspeed, Belton Johnson, etc, etc.


Not sure if you saw him in his two plays against us. Not only did he jump early on both (both non calls) but he was thoroughly beat by Tae George. I'm not sure if O'Donnell even got a hand on him. I know that doesn't mean he will be crap for his whole career but his start sure wasn't promising.