Riders vs Eskies

As bad as they are playing still gotta chear the riders on

FFS, the Riders are absolutely hopeless.

They've pressured Reilly but you gotta cover down the field when he's scrambling. Awful coverage.

Too funny .... remember last week's late out of bounds hit on the rider that was permitted? Oh well at least this time they followed the rules .... dumb penalty for the riders

I really need to To be cheering for the Esks opposition but as a Bomber Fan the revulsion of doing so is just to,much.(plus I think it is actually illegal here)So I guess go Esks?

No idea what game you're watching, but Reilly has had all night to throw. And when he rolls out there's absolutely ZERO contain from the DEs.

This may be the worst DLine in CFL history.

Justin Capicciotti - - no pass rush ability and overpowered at the point of attack.
Corey Irvin - - never been good enough to start.
Greg Alexandre - - see Corey Irvin.
Jon Newsome - - no idea what he's doing at DE
AC Leonard - - see Jon Newsome
Jordan Reeves - - the guy was a CIS basketball player
Ivan Brown - - you can't be serious with a guy like this taking reps on defence

I feel badly for Durant - - a proven champion stuck in the Regina dumpster fire pretty much by himself.

I can't believe how bad the SRR's are.

This has the makings of a blow out. Need some continuity to see some improvement. Constant roster shuffling isn't helping.

There isn't enough whiskey that can fog up this bad play

Riders got a stop! Barely but they got one.

I knew Jones would be a disaster in Regina, but I didn't think it would be this embarrassing.

But what do you expect when the guy tries to put together a professional football team with failed basketball players and scrap heap rejects.

Surprised they haven't gone down the field. Edmonton's defense was terrible in coverage the last time these two teams met.

Yeah, its down on the end of sad street to be sure. Maybe Corky can negotiate the rights to that hefty failed NFL QB (6'3", 255 lbs.) who's conducting tryouts for pro baseball? Prolly the worst rider d-line since the halcyon days of Ron Lancaster coaching them!

It's going to be a lonely thread with the nickname bro's on ignore.

Must be mixing the cherry juice with a manure base. . . . . trying to scrimp on all the money he personally spent on his "taxi squad" - Heck, its Corky's taxi squad - just a bunch of Danny DeVitos, Latka Gravas & Iggy Ignatowskis!

Well the best player in a very poor secondary is hurt. I have a feeling Reilly is going to have a bigger game than normal.

What an asinine roughing the passer penalty for Cox to take. Before Rider Fan starts to whine about biased officiating, it was a legit call - - you can't jam your hands into the QBs facemask.

Tevaughan Campbell now in on defence - - this should be good for a few laughs.

Bell has unreal body control. I think the knock on him is that he's constantly injured.