Riders vs Eskies

Three games with high scores so far to open Week #1 of the 2013 season. For this game in Edmonton; Defense - :rockin:
Go Riders....

Ah ha getting started early eh?

For sure the defences so far are woeful with the offences for the three winners rolling.

The secondaries seem to be especially awful for all teams, so I am not sure what they did for training camp but for fitness.

Not to put too much importance on an early season game, but this one is the free spot on the bingo card for Saskatchewan. Can't give away points when you're playing the bottom feeders of the league.

Right, because that powerhouse 8-10 Rider team is so much better than that 7-11 Edmonton team. :lol:

Oh wow the way this day is going already, some serious words will be flying in about three hours. :slight_smile:

Riders should win this BUT their record at Commonwealth over the years is pathetic. Plus the sloppiness of week 1 and 2 due to the short pre season always levels the playing field. Although, the Riders did play their starting offense more than anyone else in the pre season. We'll see if they're ready, but this game is a pick em.

I predicted a low scoring affair in the rider forum, Durant is sure to have his mistakes in the new offense, sheets will punch in 2 and a pick six from Anderson will give the riders a 26-22 win

Apparently you missed the offseason. Take a look at what the Riders brought in and compare it to what the Eskimos did.

Those are just names on a piece of paper. Means nothing till you prove it on the field.

This game makes me nervous. I feel that the Riders are the better team, but they don't have much success on the road in the West, and even less on the road at Commonwealth. I don't think they've beaten a West team on the road in close to 2 years.

It won't even be close Esks by 25 I'd say 30 bt in the forth they will bring in the backup. GO ESKIMOS!!! :rockin:

For US fans the game is on ESPN news right now. The Softball game is running late I guess so the game has been moved to ESPN News for now

Big catch on the durant scrabble in the first series by Getz.

So close on that option play...no can do. Next play; great run for Sheets TD - 7-0 Riders lead

Well a great start for the Riders. Now we get to see Reilly.

Now..we'll see what the Rider Defense does.

Reilly looked okay in his first series, but glad to see the Riders get a stop. Long field to work with now.

Another major score, fantastic start for the Riders. Surprised at how well the O line is holding up, they did not look good at all in either preseason game.

Cortez play schemes and such are working so far...penalty helped drive leads to TD....14-0 Sask.

Holy cow with those two TDs is the back 7-8 of the Eskimos defence awful! :thdn:

Both plays went from about the same line of scrimmage to the same side of the defence into the end zone too.

It's going to be almost a walk in the park for the Riders the way this is going. :x