Riders vs Edmonton -- Week 4

Both teams are coming off an embarrasing loss. The Riders were completely ineffective on offence against the Als, while the Esks secondary was picked apart by Geroy and the Jackson twins.

A homecoming for Kitwana, Lloyd, and Hall. And I’m sure Shultz will have a few words for McGrath during the game.

I figure the secondary problems in Edmonton will help our offense recover from the embarrassment this week. Our defence is on par with Montreal and BC, so I don’t see a problem disrupting the Esks offence, especially with the problems they’re having in the trenches. Stevie Baggs is gonna introduce Mr. Ray to Taylor field, repeatedly.

LOL Ive got that feeling too

I had a feeling that we would lay an egg against Montreal. But this game I feel we will trounce the Esks. I usually do not have such strong emotional predictions but I think the loss against Montreal came at a good time - a wake up call so to speak. There will be a lot of emotion on both sides of the ball - Esks D made of up of ex-Riders will be trying to prove themselves which they haven't done this seasn and Ritchie Hall needs to find his legs as a head coach - he hasn't looked too happy on the sidelines lately. On the Rider side - we got the McGrath grudge and the opportunity to prove to Mo and Kitwana we don't miss them. It will be an intense game and as long as we limit turnovers the Esks will be going home with their tail between their legs.

I'm not so sure that the game is won BEFORE the players step on the field. I expect the Riders to do well on Saturday, but I WON'T guarantee a win. I'm not playing the game, and I'm not going to write a cheque with my mouth, that my butt can't cash.

I'm not guaranteeing anything - just a hunch is all.

Dear Riders Fans,

Please be gentle.


Concerned Eskimos Fans

Dear Concerned Eskimos Fans,

The Riders organization has already gifted you with talented MLBs, veteren defensive gurus, and green-blooded O-Linemen. Once the whistle blows, however, true Fanatics don't know the meaning of gentle. We hope that you continue your CFL patronage after your upcoming embarassment.

The Loud and The Proud in the CFL Heartland.

Import linebacker T.J. Hill, who was released by Montreal during training camp, has signed with the Edmonton Eskimos. - TSN

Centre John Comiskey is expected to return for Day 1 of practice in full gear on Monday. Comiskey has missed the first three games of the regular season after undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. - Edmonton Journal

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Expect Joel Bell to replace Mark O'Meara at RT

Expect Gerran Walker to replace Chris Jones at WR as he took 95% of the 1st team reps today.

Interms of returners, Denetay Heard, Weston Dressler, Stu Foord and John Quinn fielded punts/kicks.

[url=http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/football/edmonton-eskimos/seeking+consistent+rhythm+field/1811595/story.html]http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/f ... story.html[/url]
Defensive back Bradley Robinson, who was injured in training camp, practised Monday. He could play on Saturday. Linebacker Lamar Herron was inactive and did not wear pads.

Centre John Comiskey didn't wear pads for Monday's practice either.

"He's day-to-day," said Eskimos general manager Danny Maciocia. "He could play Saturday, but there is a stronger possibility of him playing the following week."

[url=http://rodpedersen.blogspot.com/2009/07/coach-miller-addresses-media.html]http://rodpedersen.blogspot.com/2009/07 ... media.html[/url]
Q. Gene Makowsky was in pads today. Is he close?

MILLER: He is close. But just how close he is, I'm not sure. We'll evaluate that as we move forward.

Riders D is going to tear that Inept Eskimos Offense apart!

good night Irene!

The Rider defence is great. Hope the Rider offence does more than turnovers and two and outs.

I'd like to see what Stu Foord can do returning kicks. He's got good speed and has made plays when we've given him the ball, and he nearly broke one against the Argo's on his lone return. I'd rather watch a guy run north south than east west.

The o-line will need to be much better this week or everyone might go home disappointed. I think we have two teams that need a win and need to establish their identity as a team. This one might be a coin toss, but I’ll give the Riders the edge because they are at home—for all the good that did us last week…

Both offensive lines haven’t looked good, but so far our defense has looked far better than Edmonton’s. You know your defense is bad when they are hoping the return of Scott Gordon will make a significant difference, I like the guy but he’s not a great safety anymore, if he ever was.

Oh, oh, but we also signed TJ Hill!!!

I think Kobe Bryant had a great quote about signing talent: "It's about how well we play together. No matter how much talent you have, it's about how you put those pieces of the puzzle together."

So far the Eskimos have been good at getting the pieces. Now they just need to work on putting the puzzle together.

I say Riders by at least two touchdowns. Unless the turnovers continue at Taylor Field. Then it'll be a touchdown and a field goal. :smiley:

Wed Practice Report -- http://www.riderfans.com/forum/showpost ... tcount=180

Jyles was nothing short of brutal today. He missed everything. At one point during the first Bonzai, Jyles would miss a pass and Ken Miller would look at him and shake his head. Miller did this the entire session as Jyles missed on 85% of his passes early on. Miller was disgusted and he had the right to be. It was ugly.

Don't know if Charles will be in the lineup this week. Wes and Stu have been taking the majority of the reps this week so far.

Harris, Best, O'Day, Parenteau and Bell(85% probability) will start.
O'Meara got some time at RG so I figure he could be the 6th man as he can play G and T.

Quinn and Heard returning kicks today. Quinn returning punts.

Not trying to start anything with this comment, nor am i trying to insult the Esks or their fans but they IMO this year are the Dallas Cowboys of the CFL. Sign ALL the big name players you can, but if those superstars can't play together whats the point? Mo Lo said it before the season started in an interview, "We are the best team ON PAPER, but we still gotta prove that on the field. So far they havent been able to do that.

Riders: :thup: 40
Esks: :thdn: 17

I think one key to victory for Riders will be field goal attempts.

We didn't have one against the Als. NOT ONE!

There was a moment in the game last week where Congi could've tried a 50 yarder with the wind at his back; we punted instead.

Early points are important, if you don't believe me watch the Riders V. Argos from week 2.

Congi is money! Use him well! Next time we have a 50 yarder with the wind . . . TAKE IT!

And for the sake of all that is football . . . No more blocked Rider punts!