Riders vs Calgary

Bo-Levi Mitchel - #1 QB in the league

Zach Collaros and Trevor Harris would like a word with you on Monday morning sir.

Rod Black must be on vacation, as Cuthbert really is putting in the time this weekend with three games covered already. I doubt he covers all four, so maybe Gord Miller and Matt Dunigan tomorrow night in Toronto?

So does that mean we get Rod Black for at least three games next weekend? If that will be the case, I'm not sure whether I will be scared or amazed.


Collaros - Grey Cups 0
Mithchell - Grey Cups 1

Back to the game - 10-6 Calgary

Calgary 10 Saskatchewan 6

Up until that last fine drive by Calgary with the fine coverage by Saskatchewan on the convert failure, Saskatchewan has kept things in check.

Can the Riders keep this game tight going into halftime? If so, if I were Calgary I'd be very concerned.

If the Riders fall apart again on the next possession by the Stamps, well I there would have to be an amazing locker room speech miracle of sorts for the Riders.

I wonder if Big Chief is bombed?
Alcohol = The Bomb

Saskatchewan sure is returning the favour and moving the ball well now too.

Well we do know from that initial game thread that it appears Chief did start things off rather early on Tuesday this week, so after the drubbing of the Eskimos last night understandably it might have been a rough week already.

It would be great to hear from him even if heavily inebriated though.

The road to regrouping for the Argos by the Eskimos starts now anyway.

Ottawa - 12
Argos - 51

Well that should be what happens but we shall see - these are the Argos after all.

And if that happens, Trevor Harris, much like Collaros, is going to make things really loud for you on Monday morning in that meeting you have with them too.

So far this is the best game since Montreal at Ottawa two weeks ago, and strangely hardly anyone is here. :?

Good call on the penalty but wrong guy with Hecht of Calgary as the player with the hold ...now Saskatchewan has the chance to go ahead given their likely field position here at the end of the half

I absolutely agree with that disqualification call. Dirty hit.

18-9 Calgary at the half - beauty hail mary TD for Calgary.

Wow on the 65-yard field goal attempt:

  1. That kick had the distance and direction for 60 yards with the wind, which sure is amazing enough. Let's keep that in mind int he fourth quarter.

  2. That disqualification of Randy Richards was the right call, and the league will be following up with a fine if not also a suspension. That was a clothesline tackle of Tim Brown, and such hits have been illegal in gridiron football for I do believe at least 100 years right? Wow! :o

And the Riders' fans applaud that dirty crap as he walks off the field? :roll:

Also I disagree with Suitor in that I do think the hit was premeditated.

End result - field position for the Stamps and Hail Mary for touchdown! :o :thup:

Vicious take down is more like it.

Not sure which was worse - the player and the Riders' bench celebrating the clothesline tackle, or the fans cheering him as he walked to the dressing room. :thdn:

Stand up move sir :slight_smile: - how is the bar selection looking tonight? I think I will start off here at the half here.

This is a good game tonight already.

Well all hits are pretty much pre-meditated. You usually don’t tackle someone without that being the case.

The worst part was him celebrating after the dirty hit :roll: He may want to keep his cheque book handy.

That was the dirtiest hit of the year I think and might be the dirtiest in a few seasons.

We could go on with terms like "helicopter chop" and "simulated saw blade" and the like.