Riders vs Calgary...WSF

Calgary really bringing the heat.

Durant could well be looking skyward on his back for most of the day.


True enough, has to be corrected as Calgary shows different looks. Riders score first with a fieldgoal - 3-0 Sask.

net yards and time of possession advantage to riders in 1st and points.

good start


Might as well have had a pair of horns on with Tate being the red blanket.


3 dumb penalties in a row. Are the Stamps playing the Saskatchewan Roughriders or the Saskatchewan Argos?

You are welcome Calgary.

When did the Riders sign Penalty on defense?

im pissed.

I think Calgary signed the Rider D to their offense.

Calgary had zero momentum, way to take 4 15 yard penalties and gift them a touchdown Riders.

Not cool, looked like a coconut head shot on Tate....couple more penalties too = TD Levi. 7-3 Calgary

Those were horrible penalties to take! They were all the right calls, but where were those calls a couple of weeks ago when the Argos were teeing off on Durant!!!??

THey are the right calls, but lets have some consistency!


what are the Riders wearing out there.....flip flops?

Calgary is too good to beat if you keep giving them gifts like those penalties. It's lunacy.

Riders are pushing back though at the 3:00 min. warning - need a TD and get it...dump off to Sheets = 14-10 Calgary


I just about sheet my pants when we scored :lol:

TD Riders!!!! An impressive drive for sure!! Now, D needs to keep the momentum!

we might be in for a classic today...here's hoping

It would appear Sask linebacker D(umb a**) Penalty has been benched in favour of S(hut) Emdown.