Riders vs Calgary...WSF

Hungry heart...hammers batter down your door. The team that runs with feelings. Go Riders Go :rockin:

Calgary has been by far the more consistent team, and they've looked dangerous the last 2 weeks with a lot of backups playing. Who gets the start for the Stamps?

On the flip side, the Riders are as dangerous as anyone when they're on, and they've had a lot of post season success in Calgary of late.

Should be a good one.

Very tempted to make the trip and make it a double header weekend, as barring a huge upset the U or R Rams will take on the U of C Dinos next weekend also.

Another home playoff game for the Riders at McMahon.

Tate was announced yesterday for the start, will be interesting to see Glenn too though at some point.
Jordy Sisco has been on the practise field, however limited. Hope he'll be a go.

Too bad that Milo is a no go, so the new guy Schmitt will handle the punting and has a good leg from what I've read. M. Harris will get the nod at one of the cornerback spots.....Go Riders

you guys really should come to the main forum site.. for the Riders.. by the end of the game there's 800 posts.. heck of a lot more that ever appear here.

i don't post here anymore for games.

The official Riderville forums are on this site. If you're talking riderfans, there's a lot of people, and while I do post, there's an overwhelming group of idiots when they lose.

Ya Riderfans forum makes Riderville useless.

But that's just my opinion.

:cowboy: :D

Rider Fans especially like our Riders beating Calgary in the playoffs which seems to happen lots.
Rider Fans like the choice seats they can get at McMahon because there is always unsold tickets for RiderPriders.
In advance, I would like to apologise for our Riders defeating your Stamps but hey in sports someone has to lose. :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :oops: :wink:

This is going to be a pretty quiet game because I'll be watching with the sound off. Caught the start of the other Calgary/Saskatchewan game this afternoon (Dinos vs Regina Rams) and Forde and Rowdy Rod were doing the game. That means Rider/Stamps fans are stuck with them for tomorrows game. :twisted:

Riders look great in their retro jerseys, game on.

It's a football game not a fashion show. :wink:

didnt there use to be a rule forcing players to keep their jerseys tucked in??

long long time ago maybe

First play up the middle untouched to sack Durant....fashion. Now Riders get on with it. 8)

man, what a boring game.

A little bit of a disappointing crowd. Would have expected a sellout for this one. Especially with the Riders in town

Defensive battle so far.

And Durant throws a pickoff..

And if it stays that way, advantage Saskatchewan. . . I'd take Richie Hall over Rick Campbell.

both qb s look a little off....

nobody standing out yet

Tate especially looks awkward. No doubt he will find his groove.

Here's to hoping Durant finds his first. :rockin: