Riders vs Calgary - West Semi

So lets get this going. Tough team in a tough home stadium. What say you?

Riders win in Calgary. Calgary has a history of losing to Saskatchewan in the playoffs in the past decade.

Calgary hasn't beaten the Riders in a playoff game since 1994. Of course this is the first time in a long time that they meet without Hank.

But since McMahon is a home game for Sask I think the Riders should win this. :wink:

I'll be there

Calgary's luck of winning on the last play has to end sometime (I think they have 4 this year)

The Riders have had plenty of success in McMahon in the post season of late, and Calgary has been very turnover prone this season, however I do feel it's almost a completely different team without Burris. With Burris you expected them to lose, I'm not sure they are as mentally fragile with Glenn/Tate.

if the good Riders show up - agressive D and explosive O - then Calgary doesn't stand a chance. However if the other guys show up I'm not so certain. We definitely cannot spot them 14 points before kicking into gear. Go Riders Go!!! :rockin:

Could not agree more, when we are on our game unstoppable, when not, ....? Can't beat Calgary if the later shows up!

Current form is more relevant than past playoff success and Saskatchewan is again on a long losing streak. Hard to predict when losing streak should end. Besides, Calgary won the series and is among hottest teams in second half of season.. Also Saskatchewan is a bad road team which doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

I think Calgary has a good chance of taking this game. Cornish is running like he's possessed. Glenn is having a banner year and Tate will be back.

SSK's Sheets and Dressler can destroy the opposition if not covered or brought down. Durant can get rattled and get picked off. Was it Durant I read somewhere that when he doesn't throw an interception the Roughriders fair quite well but if he throws in interception SSK is in trouble? Maybe it was another QB. Maybe it Glenn. lol

As a Lions fan I can't wait to see the Stamps/Roughriders showdown. What I'm hoping is that both teams knock themselves into oblivion- no serious injuries- just get each other tired enough that there isn't a whole lot of gas left in the tank when the winner comes to BC. I also hope the refs make good calls and don't affect the outcome of the game. The players deserve a stellar performance from the officials.

For the INTs...well...look at the start of the season...the Rider's first loss came literally after his first INT...week 4 against the Stamps...that INT was a big catalyst in the Stamps amazing comeback that game. The Riders went on a major skid after that until LD...and yes, DD was picked in each game, and they lost all 5. I believe the only game the Riders won when DD threw an INT was against BC. That said, DD has only thrown I believe 4 INTs in 8 games. The drought of late can mainly be place on his targets inability to hold onto passes...because he has been playing pretty damned good ball.

The keys to this game for a Rider's win will be:

  • Proving again that they can shut down Cornish
  • Being aware that there is a potential QB controversy in Calgary, and thus jumping a timing route early...one would predict the QBs may get some tunnel vision early via over concentrating.
  • Their O-line actually blocking 3 and 4 man rushes (right guard cough cough)
  • for the love of god...have a game plan to pick up Hughes. I would suggest working West into a receiving roll (which he showed he can do well last week) similar to how this used Sanders would work...and lots of play action in his direction.
  • The line needs to hold for DD now and then...if they can not stretch the D it could be a long day. Stretching the D a few times will be a huge factor in this game!
  • Hoping McKenzie can actually cover Lewis...or hey...here is a though...yanking him or switching it up WHEN he can't...especially on the crossing routes

Not much here I disagree with. We need Getz to step it up, and he does have a history of doing that against Cowtown. Also, we pay well in cowtown in the playoffs. It might be an advantage actually. If our secondary doesn't step it up we are in trouble.

Our O Line will make or break run into the Play-Offs

Hughes won’t get much change out of Fulton so I expect to see him more over on Neufelds side and this worries me.

West has a huge part to play and I feel he is up to the job,Gregg Carr is a player I feel will have a huge day as The Ponies will be watching Dressler.

Tate is a fine QB and will have our Defense on it’s toes.Vikune should play a big part in keeping Tate on the run and making forced errors :smiley:

One thing I know about cowtown is that they are always cocky, and that,plays,right into our hands. If we get up in them and keep the gas pedal pressed, it's a win for us. Especially with all the Rider fans in the stands.

I wonder if they will stop acting like babies and let Gainer and the Rider Cheerleaders on to the field??? :roll:

While I am hoping Jock plays I don't think that will happen until the BC game...should the beat the Stamps. Would be huge if he even dressed though.

[url=http://www.newstalk650.com/story/jock-sanders-eying-return/82730]http://www.newstalk650.com/story/jock-s ... turn/82730[/url]

moves on the 46-man roster for game:

  • Johnson, Kierrie SB signed to active roster, and on 46...I don't imagine on 42.
  • Turenne, Collins, Ellis all remain on the injured list, even though they thought at least 2 would be ready! I was really hoping Collins would be good to go...
  • Veikune is in the IR...I would assume as a holding spot, and nothing 'real'. It continues to make me scratch my head that he is outshining Hawkins and yet barely sees action. The stats really support this. I guess not a shock that Hawkins is starting, because he has all year, but still.
  • Foster on IR. Again, i believe this is a healthy scratch. I had high hopes for Foster, but he had a disapointing game, and with Johnson on the 46 I wonder if this is the end for Foster...hope not, because I believe he has huge potential.
  • Schmitt will be punting according to HC. it is an import spot, so hopefully he excells...well, hopefully the Riders score on every drive, and we never see him...but you know what I mean.
  • Jackson has an undisclosed injury but looks like he will dress as insurance. Macho Harris is starting in his place. As I said in an earlier post, I was hoping they would do some shuffling between Macho and Collins that might work McKenzie into a new role, but clearly that is not happenning this week. Maze is however dressed, so depending on Jackson`s GD status, who knows!
  • No Mick Williams

Seriously, this is a home game for the green and white. At least 30% of the stadium will be green, and the green fans are WAY louder than the red ones. The fact that this support comes from another team's stadium is an experience that the players likely get nowhere else in their entire career. The energy from that alone should rival what they actually get at Taylor Field.

Calgary is definitely the better team here although the season series between the two couldn't be closer, but anyone who says that Calgary gets a home field advantage is so dead wrong.

This game is a pick em and I actually think the Riders will win this, but whoever does win will just get crushed next week in BC anyways.

I like Kierre, he's got wheels and is a playmaker that the Riders receiving corps lack. I hope he makes the lineup and is there for more than just his BC playbook.

Alford at DT. I don't know why he doesn't play more. I think he's there to stop the run so I'm happy about that.

Secondary misses Milt Collins. Him in and McKenzie out, I'd feel much safer.

Someone mentioned RG, that is Chris Best. He's been in and out with nagging injuries all year. Hopefully he's healthy, that will be a big plus there. Also should help the run game on the right side rather than always going left behind Labatte and Fulton.

If West is to be used on offense it will have to be as a check down receiver and if so, he would be used a lot. That was his role last week and since he doesn't really block worth beans, Durant would be dumping off to West and he can give up any hope of stretching the field. I think I'd rather see Hughes and/or McHenry as TE in blocking schemes to buy time for the vertical game, although McHenry is listed as starting WR.

Someone mentioned jumping routes. Forget it. Would be nice to see James Patrick do what he does best but Richie Hall won't let his players do that. Seriously, have you seen a Rider jump a route all year? Maybe once or twice but I can't recall a single highlight. Riders' D was terror, had tons of takeaways under Etcheverry, then Hall came in and it all dried up. No one is afraid to take risks against this D. If the D wants a turnover, they'll just have to force a fumble.

I know it is not have time...but 14-3...pretty much a game me thinks.

offensive PI...clearly, not called on the 2nd TD
4 roughing/facemasks on 1 drive
OL can't block a cool breeze

little hope I would say, though I would happy to be wrong...but the beer is good and the weather is alright...so that is nice at least

Think we can trade Getzlaf for some All Dressler chips? - Two HORRIBLE ( IMO ) drops in this game alone. This season has been utter crap for him. If he was an American he would have sat a lot more than he has this season. As far as I'm concerned this game is over. Turning point was the failed convert that gave Calgary 2 points and a HUGE momentum swing. Then in the third when Sask offense was on the bench for like 10mins cooling down Sask just couldn't get a jumpstart/boost to get going again. And just now a Romby Bryant fumble.. :cowboy: .. Maybe i shouldn't post this yet...

If he was an Import he would have been cut