RIDERS VS BOMBERS!! who you gonna cheer for? :P

so lets take a look see at how many former bombers or on the riders and vice versa.. im just going here on guys who once either played coached or had a office job or anything with either teams. currently


Former Riders on Bombers

  • Jyles,Vmarshall,Jovon,Bowman,BBrowne,Morley,January,Gallant,

office guys

Lapo(who was originally with the bombers tho),Baressi,Reed.. geesh is that all? YUP

Former Bombers On Riders
-Armstead,Bates,Dorsey,Fairooz,LGiles,Goodspeed,JMiller,MParenteau,Simpson and i suppose if u wanna get technically and all neg rights guy... Louie Sakoda.

office guys

Berry,Dyce,Daley,Taman... i guess thats all.

Its rather crazy when u think about it, 11 former riders in one way or another on the bombers...

13... haha too funny but not including sakoda.. 13 former bombers on the riders..

Just thought id maybe i dunno point that out :stuck_out_tongue:


…I KNOW…and i’ll be pulling for the BOMBERS!!! :wink: :thup: :lol:

Obviously the Bombers ... LOL ..... :rockin:

With the massive Bomber Rider swap this year, it's going to be really interesting to watch, who transitions, who adjusts, who doesn't. Probably Doug Berry will the tale of the tape, may have to dodge some clipboards but all in all, should be a good fill for Lapo's shoes, since of course, Lapo (eventually) filled his.

This is how I am thinking about this.....

When Bombers are hosting the Riders, I will be rootin big time for a blow out at home, meaning Riders blow Bombers out of their own stadium. I am talking total humiliation.

Also same deal when Riders are hosting Bombers, will be looking for a total blowout, Bombers over Riders, total humiliation in front of the home town fans.

But that`s just me, some of you may aproach the games a little different I suspect :wink: