Riders vs Bombers - Labour Weekend

Although we won that game, it pointed out some glaring weaknesses.

  1. Our offensive line could not protect. The Winnipeg front four is a fine group and they pressured Durant all day. They kind of ran out of gas in the fourth but we have to address this issue.
  2. Special teams - I thought we were better in yards gained after the kick but still, we are no where near being a threat to score on special teams. We couldn't defend the fake punt, we dropped a kick (that cost us a TD) and took too much time to punt.

I liked the fact that we marched down the field in the fourth, with no penalty help, and scored. Nice drive but a tired Winnpeg front four at that point.

Next week, look out. Jyles will start and will want to do some serious damage to his former team. The Bombers have now lost 5 games in a row. Is 6 possible? I hope so but with Jules running all over the field it's going to be tough. We'll need a sizable lead by halftime as he will wear out the defence by the fourth. This is going to be a very tough game.

Totally agree you hit the nail on the head next week is no cakewalk just hope our coaching staff puts the game into perspective main problem protect Durant he got rocked twice in the begining then they blitzed him over and over that shook him off gis game.

The Bombers didn't have to blitz to get pressure on Durant, Odell Willis was basically in his face all day long. We don't seem to get a ton of pressure unless we send a blitz, although I really like what I see out of Freeman and Hawkins, they both played well. The nice thing is that after a rough start our defense has really settled in and played very solid since the half in Montreal.