Riders VS Bombers Game time!

Okay discuss the game! My feeling is the Riders and their thirteenth man will have lots to say about how this back to back series will go. Can the three man team beat the Riders! The bombers Glen, Stegal and the moody Charles Roberts vs the Riders!
My feeling is if the Riders stop the run and cover Milt it is game over for the Bombers! But as Bomber fans know I have been wrong.

My feeling is that the bombers will be

shot down!

Is Stegall and Glenn back? If yes, I still see the Riders winning :lol:

One thing with those two guys out it shows that the Bombers are not much for offensive threat. So If I were the Riders defense you shut those guys down and you bascially have the win. :lol:

riders win with kerry joseph showing off his healed knee, running wild and tossing TD's like thier goin outta style.

Hard to say, remember to DG the riders had it pretty easy the last two games and this game they will need to fire on all cylinders to win I believe. Then again the Bombers have not played well with out Glenn and Stegal. So this game I beleive goes to the home team and their very loud loyal fans.

The fact that both Glenn and Smeagol are wearing a knee brace and flak jacket tells me they are not 100%. But if they can still compete, then all the power to them. But playing with cracked ribs is risky. And a bum knee will limit Glenn's mobility. Let's hope the boys up front can get a lot of pressure!

The question then is how is your guy! Is he playing or not and is he going to be mobile! Jospeh is best when he can run out of the pocket. But he too is coming off an injury. Thats hope everyone will be fine after this game.

kerry is said to be more than 100% and NOT wearing a brace.

that plus the riders are really confident right now, and i think they will run wild over the bombers....

as glenn takes some sacks and hits, he will become less effective....i see him getting sacked often, as he wont be mobile enough to avoid pressure, and may even give up some fumbles.

lets just say, joseph gets hit and leaves the game, butler can come in and not lose the game....we cant say that for the bombers backups.

Stegall's really hungry right now as was evident on his comments last week during that sideline interview. Glenn is coming back too soon, in my opinion. The same argument could be made for Joseph, but I'm going to give the Riders the edge in a close game.

NO how would have said that last year! Rocky could come in and win in the same sentence. I have to agree with you on that one. Also I think the Riders do not depend so much on a couple of guys as well like the bombers. I believe Flight will be grounded this game but you can not discount the Bomber defense they will help but the offense needs to give them rest or it is game over early.

Ummm 05? I meant the comments last week where he ripped the sideline reporter's head off for not getting his injury timeline straight.

i do agree, the bombers defence is still a force....but if left on the field too long, any defence gets worn down.

and we know the bombers offence relys on 2 guys who are not near 100%....so the bomber defence could be on the field alot.

:lol: I bet that reporter will not do that again. But Schmegal just might be a bit sensitive right now! He will be protecting those ribs a bit! Being an old guy he does not heal that fast :lol:

theres a cfl book out...cant remember the name...i saw it at coles book store...

and the back says the book is about what seperates the SUPERSTAR cfl players from the good cfl players....

theres a little quote from stegall, and he says hes normally a laid back chillin dude, but once around the football field, his competitive juices flow and he gets real mouthy and angry and is a different person.

i think we saw some of that last week, even from the sidelines.

If you want to see a change in a player go no furhter then Nik Lewis. The guy is a very quiet soft spoken individual but when he gets on the field he is a totally different guy as we all have witnessed. Into todays Calgary Sun, he is interviewed and said he tried very hard to change is cocky attitude and tried being nice on the field. Well after the loss to the Riders he stated that was enough he is back to his old ways. For some reason he could not play as well when he was not brash! Look out DB's from Edmonton he is back and brash. He did say also in the article which everyone should read is he means no harm to players he has called out it is for his benefit only to fire his inner desire to win. Good read I suggest everyone to look it up!

[url=http://calsun.canoe.ca/Sports/Football/2006/09/03/1798208-sun.html]http://calsun.canoe.ca/Sports/Football/ ... 8-sun.html[/url]

Do the Bombers have a chance to win today? For sure they do! I just feel that Glenn isn't 100% and won't beable to move the pocket around to buy time. Sask is a good team with an above average defense. This defense will cause Glenn alot of trouble. Barring injuries,I see a fairly close game but Glenn and Stegal are just getting back. I still have to take Saskatchewan for this one but next week,if Glenn stays healthy,with a game under his belt,then I believe we'll see a much different result.

Family photos prior to the game.
First one is Pappa at home guarding the still!

The second one is pappa gets his sunday going to church cloths on!

Third is pappa's favorite dinner item!

fourth picture is pappa's all time favorite player and team!

Okay Dad the secrets out of the bag! Mom told me to show your pictures! Time to get the juice from the still again.

The thirteenth man is doing their job bombers punting already! Schmegal looked like he was running for a pizza!

Oh boy Bomber defense looks fired up! The flight was grounded on that return ( Remember Johnson this is not the Tiger cats special teams) :lol: :lol:
Dumb dee dumb dumb Berry throw the flag for nothing! Bomber defense on the ropes!
oh well time to go cut the grass!

so far, i called it.