riders vs blue 2

Great game by the D.The O under Nichols settled down and did enough to win.Kudos to Walters on going out and getting a competent backup.

Agree ! The D has been improving every game and now that the secondary started to play properly the whole unit becomes formidable...The O did enough to win, this game. Still needs much work at running the ball....ST was OK. This is Lirim's sophomore year, so I think we have to ride out his difficulty. I really think he's the kicker of the future and should be kept at all costs.... Another slow start and penalties are the two main problems.

The D stepped up for sure :thup: So did the crowd it was an awesome atmosphere :rockin:
My voice is still scratchy....

We'll need them to duplicate that next week to beat the Al's and stop a crossover

Speaking of the Al's - why do their fans only post on here with their advice after a big loss?
Where's the kudos after a win?

Do you need to ask ? :thup:

....Great game from the D and Nichols looks like a keeper...I thought we would squeak out a win but I'm happy to see we did better....Westerman is really making a name for himself and I'd say he will be the anchor of our D if he's not already :thup: Offence FINALLY got going...Don't know what to attribute that to other than the guy behind centre was using our receivers and hitting them the way you are supposed to....Nichols and Willy look like a great combination once Drew is back and I like the idea of hanging on to Nichols for quite awhile..Good game and I hope we can keep it up :thup: (Marcel is hanging on by the skin of his teeth) :wink:

As far as Mont. fans go....they'll have lots to say shortly as they are up next :lol:

Congats to ya Bombers on winning the Banjo Bowl :thup: It wasn't the prettiest game to watch but it came across great on TV with a full house and everybody (Blue or Green )in the stands looking like they were having a lot of fun.

Now onto those Als and their self absorbed pampered condescending whiny fans (not all of them of course) do us all a favour and lay a real nice beating on those fellows next week. It would put a nice smile on my face :slight_smile: and I'm sure an even bigger smile on the Big Blue Nation of fans who stick with YOUR team through thick and thin :slight_smile: :thup:

Thanks Bobo !

Back in the playoff hunt at least.

Two really bad teams trying to the lose game in the first half, fortunately the Bombers snapped out of it in the second half and played well enough to get the win.

The final 7 games of the season now mean something, hoo ray!

Much needed win despite trying to give away the game most of that first half. Despite the win coming against a 1-9 team, the second half certainly offers hope that this team will be able to compete better until Willy comes back than we would have with Brohm.

Nichols was pretty good overall, the pick wasn't on him. It was nice to see a QB finally hit a receiver in a spot where they could run after the catch.

I thought that direct snap on to Briggs on the punt was brilliant. Serves notice to the rest of the league that O'Shea is indeed in charge of the special teams and teams will need to be wary of some of the gimmicks he showed when leading the Argos specials. And it was nice to see Stoudemire do more north-south running on his returns.

To say the run game is still a work in progress is generous. Not sure why we keep trying the run up the middle so often on second and short. Still not sold on Chevon Walker. Seems a lot like Grigsby to me, good in open space, not so good running in tight confines and goes down with first contact.