Riders vs BC

With all the key injuries for each team, will this be a yawner, or a game for the ages?

It will all depend on with Rider team comes to play, the one they should be, or the lazy one!! I hope it's the first one, if that is the case and after two losses, they should hammer BC, time will tell, but I think deep down the spark is growing dim here.
We have a great team, but starting to think they don't believe they are that great!! also They need to cut the bad penalties out, this is really starting to hurt us!! If DD does not come out good, maybe time to sit him and give Willy a shoot. JMO!!

Perhaps they believe they are too great and it will just come. The line between confidence and self-righteousness can be thin.
Self-confidence - not panicking when you are down and believing you will come back
Self-righteousness - being down to start essentially every game. Being down and not adapting (ie the failure to even attempt changing when the Bombers blitzed almost every down)

You may be right, just know there not!!

Not sure what to think here.... Even with all their injuries, Calgary and Toronto have stepped up and players are doing what it takes to win games. Saskatchewan has not! It seems every week we have a new signing in camp... Are the new signings demotivating the next up guys currently on the roster? are the new signings messing with existing chemistry?

Or is there just too much pressure in Saskatchewan to win the Grey Cup? I know we have veterans, and guys that have been in the Grey Cup Finals, but to me, there is complacency. Complacency in the fact that we have not fixed our discipline problems. Complacency in the fact that we have not expanded our play book or put wrinkles in. Complacency in the fact that we have had slow starts in the first quarter all season.

I agree we have a great team here, and we have the pieces to win. They just need to find their mojo, and put 60 minutes of football together. I think they are just not mentally tough because of the pressure of a Grey Cup victory at all costs..

Hire a mental toughness coach.. The team can afford it!


If the offense can actually start performing and keep the defense off the field then the Riders should win this game. I have this feeling though like our team is going to be the one that keeps losing to young rookie QB's. I'm confidant that we'll win as always but there's this bad feeling in the back of my head that DeMarco will light us up and Banks will have a few picks with one of them going to the house. Like previously posted it depends of which Rider team shows up.
My hearts prediction: Riders 24 Lions 16
My head's prediction Riders 22 Lions 31

FYI , Lulay's out for a while and BC's starter has never started a game...so I think SK get's off easy for the next few weeks, like they did in the 07 GC.

Though Demarco has seen limited action, I honestly feel he is going to turn out to be a better QB that Lulay. And FYI...A good young QB, who has been with the club a while is very hard to prep for...they have the skills, know the plays, and there is minimal footage for the D to prep against.

This team has lost it's drive. Playing at home they should be looking to destroy opponents. Last week they couldn't care less. Need leaders to step it up in the locker room. Bomber D killed us, BC has a very good D so I would not assume we will easily win this one. Look for Simon to have very good game. We still wanT a western final, that has to be a big goal.


Wow! Sanders sounds like he walked out of a funeral.... I think you are correct Depop!
Maybe team chemistry is not as strong as we all think

Hmmmm.... Did you see Montreal blitz the hell out of DeMarco on his series at the end of the game. He goes 4 for 6 with a touchdown pass.... Secret? Quick hitters! Maybe our offence should take some notes on film day too...

DD mentioned in is his interview on the coaches show that Coach Cortez has simplified things a bit this year so that the offence could learn the new system. Well with 7 games left, it's time to add some wrinkles/packages... If the team hasn't learned the original schemes through the first 11 games, we have bigger troubles coming...

Well. I think this game will be a barn burner. Very much like a serious playoff tilt. BC needs it as bad as we do. Both teams have some injuries to deal with.

Is Macho hurt or did he just get shuffled to the PR?

Our D line must step up and take control of this game. They are the healthy unit. I am sure they are banged up but nobody is hurt. The LB's and DB's are missing key ingredients and therefore we need the big boys to really control the tempo of the game and help those behind them.

Foley and Chick need to get it going and dominate. This is their game to cause an unbelievable amount of pressure. Sholy, Terrius and McElveen need to cause problems and stop Harris in his tracks.

BC's O-line is likely really good. But it is not up there with the Stamps front 5. I would mention our front 5 but they've been downgraded after their last 2 outings. BC's line should be manageable. Therefore, this game can be won by the defensive big boys. They need to feast on a rookie QB or a veteran in Buck who loves to take chances.

Our Offense needs to find the groove again. We really need Garrett to establish some running threats. Without a run game last week DD had 50 attempts............he's normally around 30-35! The O-line needs to settle in and get some lanes opened up. Afford DD some time and we will be facing a very good D unit that is starting to play better and is creating turnovers.

I think this game will be crazy good. Likely too close to call. But i hope our veterans rise up and get this game won.

It maybe just me but it sounded like Sanders got ear bashing from a Coache/s and has got the hump about it. I like the guy and I hope they don't sit him as he is a weapon we can use.If it is the case he has been spoken to,then what better way to show the Coache/s what he can do

Wow! Sanders sounds like he walked out of a funeral.... I think you are correct Depop!
Maybe team chemistry is not as strong as we all think
It maybe just me but it sounded like Sanders got ear bashing from a Coache/s and has got the hump about it. I like the guy and I hope they don't sit him as he is a weapon we can use.If it is the case he has been spoken to,then what better way to show the Coache/s what he can do
Not sure if I agree on this one Irish... In Coach Chamblin's interview that day, he basically said they gave the majority of the practice reps to Garrett. However, Sanders said he took zero reps with the offence... Jock also states that he could have been ready to play if called upon for the Banjo Bowl, but because the Canadian Content (Newman, Hurl, Steinhauer) was hurt, they had to fill Special Teams spots accordingly, leaving him out. He also stated that he is healthy and ready to go. Coach Chamblin, said he wasn't playing due to injury, and that this week was the first week where Sanders was likely healthy enough to go. So which is it? I found them to be on a different page giving their interviews...

I don't think he got an ear bashing... I think it's frustration from not being used. And I agree with Depop. He gave the thumbs up that these good players are not motivated because they keep bringing in new signings every week. These guys are competitive and they all want to play.. Which is a good thing. But it can lead to frustration if you are not being utilized.

Just look at Geroy's interview today. This guy is a class act and a true Pro. And he stated that the first 6 games was about learning, the next 6 about building chemistry with DD, and now that crunch time is coming (last 6 + playoffs), he wants the ball more...

I am not a professional coach of football. But I understand sports enough to know that having the same line-up every night is a good thing. I realize injuries play a factor in determining the line up week to week, but these coaches have to start getting some consistency in the line up. Especially now that crunch time is coming. Usually training camp and first six is used to get a schemes down pat, and get guys used to playing with each other.. At this point in the season, players should have all that stuff down pat. But we don't... IMO, I think the coaches are still tinkering here and there to find the right "mix" for a GC run... But if they don't do this quickly, they run the risk of demotivating players...

So coaches need to get it figured out for this run to the playoffs.. Need to get these guys winning again, building confidence and learning that killer instinct... If the Riders don't finish first in the West, we need all those things to go into Calgary and pull out a win there. And minimum the Riders need to finish 2nd in the West to get that all important home playoff game to get to the West Final...

IMO this is the tale of the Rider season here. They need to win this by 2 TDs and make a statement game out of it. I feel if they drop this game, they finish in 3rd and we see the Stamps represent in the GC for the West. Early to say that? Yes, but I still feel that way. I believe if they can win convincingly, that they will get back on track.

I agree we need to win this with some intent, We have the team just need that hunger to win big again!!

Yes... This needs to be a statement game!

It is the difference between tied for first in West (Thank-you Argos) or being third in West
It is to end a 2 game losing streak
It is against a back-up QB
It is in our barn
We have the Geroy Factor! You know he wants to win this one!

If those 5 points don't get you motivated to play, nothing will!

Media has been saying that this week has had a feel of training camp... Guys working hard and coming to practice excited...

I think they will come to play. The only way they lose is if they beat themselves (turnovers & penalties)

Here’s hoping it isnt Andrea Proulx calling todays game. He hasnt reffed a game yet this week. If it is, we can expect another loooong, boring game full of penalties.

I guess that would be bad unless he hates BC more than us!! Last week was one sided calling for the most part, not saying we did not deserve some of those penalties, but the one against the Argos that never got called was another thing!

Go Riders! Time to tame some Lions!!