Riders vs BC

Who wins?

I hope we win. I have a lot more confidence that we will after the performance last week. The D has to contain Lulay- he scrambles for way too many yards. The O -line has to protect Durant and open the running lanes for Sheets and and Sanders. I think establishing the run game will be key to keeping the ball out of Lulay's hands and enhance the chances of us winning. Looking forward to a good game.
Go Riders Go!!!!

I forgot one important key to winning: not missing field goals!

Top 2 defenses in the league, should be a low scoring game with alot of big hits. Usually the home team wins these types of games, and I hope that the same happens in this one.

BC has been struggling out of the gate often this season. If the Riders benefit from that they need to keep it going, especially in the 4th. The Riders seem to do well during the casual times of a game, but anytime there is a hyped environment/stage of the game struggle offensively. Riding a 10 point lead in the 4th will not get it done against BC.

I believe Harris can be contained if they swarm like they did in the last game...that was missing during the skid.

I believe they noise will hamper Lulay. They need to watch the short crosses and slants

DD needs to throw away garbage and pass WAY less to the outside...the secondary WILL jump an out.

This game will, I believe, be decided on how the Rider oline and DD hand the D rush.

This is going to be a close one. If we play like we did last week, and DD has another solid 60 mins, we could win this one. The D needs to give it all they got and put all the pressure they can on lulay. DD needs to use Weston far more also. Still say he has the best hands in the league. I'd like to see DD try more long bombs and if he is fit enough, run the ball when he has to! It will boil down to those who can catch a pass if we are going to win this one. Way to many in hand drops last week.

On another note, it was good to see TJ back in the line up!

Go Riders :rockin:

The Lions WILL get pressure. They are just too good to stop. You can only limit them. Durant will just have to take off and run sometimes.

I don't wanna play the Lions. They're too good. :oops:

  1. Trenches - we need to win it here. O-line was really good against Stamps. We need to do both aspects well, run the ball with meaningful production and allow DD time.

  2. Punts - need to be better than last week. Too many shanks that also hampered our downfield tacklers taking too many no yards calls. Sort out Tim Brown, nice hang time is necessary.

  3. Returners need to catch all balls. Don;t assume it will roll through the endzone. Tristan messed up but aside from that he played a very nice game.

  4. Sanders and Sheets - can give team fits and should be passing options

  5. D line needs to get after Lulay. I agree we should be able to hem down Andrew Harris. But stopping that means they turn to some awefully good receivers, and Bruce always seems to play well at mosaic?

All the little things have to be cleaned up or else. No drops, low penalty count, win turnover battle, win field position..............life should be good.

Looking like Mike WIlliams and Hawkins are out for this week and Sholo is questionable, we have signed another Dline who will likely see some time this weekend. Its looking our d-line will consist of Willis, Alford, Sholo/Evans, Te George, with extras being new guy Robert Rose, and Veikune. If Sholo does go, I see Evans still being on the roster, and possibly Veikune being scratched as we will need the NI depth. I can't see us dressing more then 6 guys. I could also see if need be, Shomari coming into D-line roll for ratio.

wow...that is rough. I can't see Rose dressing over Veikune though. Veikune has looked pretty good thus far in limited appearances, knows the plays, and can play both DE and DT. To be honest, I am surprised he hasn't seen more action...he always seems to do pretty well in there.

I agree Veikune has been looking good, but Rose was taking 1st team reps at practice yesterday, and Chamblin is familiar with him from his time in Hamilton, where he was started over Baggs in the playoff game.

In my opinion we have to win this one. Try to bury the Esks in 4th as much as possible, we still have 2 games against a largly revamped Argos team (This will let us know if crossing over is a viable option haha) after this BC game we play @ Edmonton, vs montreal toronto X2 and BC again, we've always stunk it up at commenwealth so mark that as a loss, realisticly we split with Toronto and BC. and take out the Als at home That puts us at if winning this game on saturday 10-8 or 9-9 losing the season series with Edmonton and Calgary and splitting with BC. There's no more Hamilton, winnipeg teams to be playing, the weakest team is Edmonton but there at home, these games are going to be huge down the stretch

Should be a great game and it will be a measure of the progress we have made thus far.I'm not in awe of the Lions and see they can be beat and I feel we are the team to do it.

  1. Offensive Line is getting better each week

2)LBs are doing a fine job both in run support and passing.

3)DBs are showing some fine hunting skills and I expect this to continue.

and finally we have a Head Coach who can put some fires under people when needs be.

I have to agree with my Irish friend... I thought the big boys on the O-Line had a pretty good game last week. Durant looked like he had a lot more time to make his reads and let the routes progress, which was pretty important, given his limited mobility.

Hopefully the young guys on the other side of the ball will be able to step up... I am tempted to single out Veikune in hopes that he will step up in a big way, but the last time I pumped somebody up, he broke his thumb and got cut, so maybe I should keep my thoughts to myself.

Made some extra noise last week with those odd little fan things... Bring out the thunder sticks again! Love those things!

Go Riders!

I see that Foster remains on the IR, and yes Hawkins, Turenne (AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!), Mick Williams, LaBatte is still down and out.

Shologan may or may not play...he is on the 46...I would speculate he will at best dress as a backup. He says he is good to go, staff is aquestioning that. Guess we will see how Rose does.

We will be seeing some Veikune at DE, and I am pumped for that. I have rather liked him there thus far in his limited action. George and him will share that End with Willis on the other.

Thankfully they have NI Evans to rotate in at times!

Getzlaff is questionable...He is on the 46...I would suspect he will be dressed...we will see how much he plays...guess he smashed up his wrist. So...the rotating reciever corps will continue...Foster is out, Getz will at best likely be limited, Carr will brobably get a little bit more action, Smith is apparently going to be rotating with him despite 3 drops last week, Sanders will probably see some more action if Getz is out, McHenhry and Hargraves are lined up outside. I am REALLY hoping that Getz does play, because I would love to see Smith and Carr outside...even if he doesn't play perhaps they will move Hargraves inside and keep the others outside. I think testing a big frame like Hargraves inside makes a lot of sense...he is a NI who doesn't have the top end speed that a WR needs, but has a similar frame to a guy like Andy Fantuz...really similar attributes all around...why not try to use him the same?

The bonus is that it sounds like Partick is good to go. He is on the 46...we will see about the 42.

LOTS of shuffling this week...hope it is not too much

OH.....and Jackson will be doing double duty...if he has a big return and then the Riders have a quick turnover look for him to get burned deep.

Man we took a lot of injuries in that last game. Thankfully we have a lot of depth this year. Unfortunately BC isn't the team to be testing it out against. It will be tough on those guys coming in. I still think we will win based on how well they did last game. They seem to have that fire again that they had at the start of the season.

Look for Taj Smith to have a big game in place of Getz. Smith runs above average routes. Great speed. Just had some issues hanging on to the ball last week, but I expect he will bounce back this game.

Defensively I think we will be ok. Still have a solid front 7 even with the injuries.

Some Lions were on radio this week in BC talking how they love to come to Mosiac and shut the fans up.

Riders will be in tough, especially on defence. New guys in the line up front and back and Lulay will go after them immediately. Any degree of success early, they won't let up. Harris has full confidence of his O line but a stuff on him like last week on Cornish, will make a difference. Riders defence can't let Lions out to a fast start. A couple of 2 and outs and our confidence will build. Fans - you've got to be LOUD!

On offence, get the ball to Sanders early and often. He'll open doors for Sheets and along with some play action, we'll buy some time in the pocket. Durant is not apt to run with his hip flexor and is facing a stellar DB core so ground game is paramount.

A win would shoot their confidence sky high. A loss would put us back to 'also rans'.
Go Riders!

Lions are easily the best team in the league and the Riders are totally banged up. If Sask is going to win this the Lions are going to have to mail it in.

Anything can happen of course but this is about as close to no chance as it gets.

That unfortunately is becoming problematic for the Lions especially outside the 40 yard line.